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Gears of War


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I just got a 360 about a week ago and this game is one of the reasons why. It looks absolutely amazing, and by all the previews I have read the gameplay will be great too. That also means I have another game to play with X-Box Live! The only bad thing is that my 360 is at home and I'll be in residence for 2 weeks, which means I'll have the game, but not the system since I pre-ordered the game and going to get at launch day. So who else is getting it?

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Yeah it's going to be a crazy couple of weeks with Call Of Duty 3, Gears Of War, SvR, Tony Hawk's Project 8, Marvel Ultimate Alliance & Rainbow Six Vegas over the next month.

I'm more excited about Call Of Duty at the moment mainly because it's been my favourite series over the years and the game I've spent the most time on that didn't involve managing a football team.

The only game I won't be picking up on the day it comes out is Smackdown vs. Raw, I've got all the others pre-ordered. I can wait a couple of weeks until I've finished COD, RB6 and GoW. Plus I've still got Double Agent to complete and Pro Evo 6 to play the hell out of.

Also I wasn't going to pick up THP8 until I played the demo. It's made a huge leap forward and I was very impressed with it.

Anyone else getting the Limited Edition Gears Of War?

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I'm definentley buying Call of Duty 3 also,even if its a bit later but as for Pro Evo, I'lll be waiting for the next one, which hopefully will feature at least a bearable X-Box Live! play and not so rushed game overall. And since my PS2 broke down(my 2nd Ps2 too), there's no point in getting it. Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 is another one I'll get....but I'll have to wait until I get some more cash. Rainbow Six Vegas looks aweseome too, and I rented Marvel Ultimate Alliance and its great fun. I wish I had more money :(

By the way, what does the limited edition if Gears of War include, and is it worth the extra $10?

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By the way, what does the limited edition if Gears of War include, and is it worth the extra $10?

"This limited edition, highly collectible embossed metal box includes the following additional content:

* Destroyed Beauty, the Gears of War hardbound art book

* Bonus special features DVD, including:

* An inside look at the making of Gears of War

* The "Art of Gears of War" trailer

* Gears of War: The Race to E3"


I feel like I've been here before :shifty:

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Right, so I'll ask who's excited for it, but also be a kind member and tell you to preorder it at a game specialty store, cause they get it on the 7th, and its released everywhere else a week later.

Just a heads up.

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From what I've seen it doesn't look overly hard. It'll be one of those games that's relatively easy on the normal diffculty level but be very hard on the higher difficulties.

Plus it's more of a find cover and shoot type of game (think GRAW) than a run and gun. So you'll be moving from cover to cover rather than running about all over the place.

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