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Herr Matzat

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yes, i hate september, HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE

there are like 32747 games comming out for PS2 that i want to have, i don´t know how to pay them i don´t know wen to play em and i neeed to buy em becaus some of them are rar thanks to them being not knowen enough to be pressed much more than 10000 times.

So my basic idea is, send all you monney via paypal to Michael@fa... arr ok :shifty:

Annyways, great gaming month comming up, asides from KoC2 Finaly (FIIIIIIIINALY~! - i luckylee already payed that in april) comming to little michal there is Star Ocean 3 wich i have waited for sinc 2 years by now (even if i want to kill squareenix sinc all reviews say they screewed the dubbing up BAD AGAIN *cry*) - thats ok, that games got a name it will be around for some time. The Problems start with Atlus, they release me Phantome Brave (defenetly pressed less than 10000 times) and Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (also defenetly not more than 10000 copys tops) wich will sellout fast and start to coast a shitload of monney on eBay.

The best thing about thes for games (and in my fury i bet i even forgot one ore two titles more...) is that this month is a bride month for me, i had work last month and i have a new job next month, but this month i cannot acept annywork without getting my ass beat so my finances for next month are down already, *sob* *sob* *cry* why dos this year in PS2 need to be so full of good games ? September is an extrem but after that month there are still several games comming out that i need and this year already had so manny great games released i havent finished them all.

Arrrrr, enough of me crying, so what are you waiting for in September ?

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September..is next month, right? I'm not really waiting for anything until October, which is the projected release of one Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas :D

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I'm waiting for Xenosaga II, which comes out February 15th of next year, and X-Men Legends, which is supposed to be out next month or October, iirc.

Shit. How could I have forgotten about either of those? On one hand you have the sequel to a TERRIFIC RPG and on the other, you've got an f'n X-Men RPG. Sounds great!

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The only game im really looking forward to is Halo 2, which is coming out.......uh, whenever. I havn't checked, but i will sense when the time is near and go out to get the first copy.

I might also get GTA:SA, but i need to buy a PS2 again, so i dunno if i really wanna do that, or wait till it comes to Xbox.

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Same. Sort of.

Pokemon Leaf Green: £22.99 October 1st GBA

Day Of Reckoning: £29.99 October 1st GC

GTA: San Andreas: £29.99 October 22nd PS2

Halo 2: £29.99 November 11th XB

SmackDown! vs RAW: £29.99 November 26th PS2

Football Manager: £21.99 December 10th PC

Total: £164.94

This money, I don't have. <_< Luckily, some idiot invented Christmas.

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for me I have found a way to play or own each game I want.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Gran Turismo 4


Smackdown vs. Raw

Kingdom Hearts 2

X-Men Legends


I am rpobably forgetting some but oh well.

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Upcoming games:

Halo 2


GoldenEye 2

Half-Life 2

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (If it ever comes to XBOX)

Already released:


Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow

XBOX Live, must get XBOX Live for RS3 and Halo 2

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Halo 2 comes out Nov 9th here in the U.S and... Hey... That's My Birthday!!!! So looks like I don't need to spend any money on that.

I don't know anything else, but i'm lucky that my Bithday, Hannukah and Christmas are all close together :shifty:

I also need to get $10 for this tape of an unknown indy worker, you may have heard of him... His name is Cade Sydal... ;)

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I'm mainly waiting for KoC2 (I will get this game, damnit!), SmackDown Vs. Raw & Splinter Cell 3: The Chaos Theory.

Doom III I probably won't get until Christmas, so..hopefully along with a new graphics card.

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Def Jam: Fight for NY September 20th

Rumble Roses October 26th

Killzone October 26th

WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw November 2nd

Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask November 8th

GoldenEye: Rogue Agent November 15th


Mortal Kombat: Deception October 4th

THUG 2 October 5th

Halo 2 Limited Edition November 9th

Need For Speed Underground 2 November 17th

Multi System:



Those are the games I'm considering, but the only ones I'll for sure get before the end of theyear is the ESPN games, Smackdown vs Raw, & Halo 2 Limited Edition

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the only ps2 games i'm scheduled to buy are gta , raw vs smackdown , killzone and probably the new def jam .. Killzone and raw vs smackdown are my first priorties though

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Ahhh game lists...

For me:



MGS: Snake Eater

Sims 2

Halo 2

Tony Hawk's Underground 2

And possibly, Splinter Cell 2 and 3. I promised myself I would get 2 earlier in the year, but it didn't happen and 3 is coming out almost immediately after. I think I'll wait for more of a bargain price since I doubt there's gonna be another installment just months after like this year.

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hmmmm lets see


Onimusha 1 & 3 to complete my onimusha collection


SvR (on rental)

Burnout 3


Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green (im starting work next month, so ill have enough)

Add the fact im gonna get a gamecube out my birthday money says im getting lotsa games this year :D

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