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Your favourite TV intro music/visuals?


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I'll do a couple per post when I feel like them, I love good intro sequences.

Mad Men springs to mind immediately. Fantastic visual style, fantastic choice of music, and the visual of a silhouetted Don Draper having his world crumble around him and sending him plummeting down past all these visuals is pretty striking.

The sitcom opening credits as far as I'm concerned. Even watching on Netflix I won't skip by these.

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Anime edition!

An absolute masterpiece. I still to this day remember the first night Adult Swim aired on Cartoon Network, and they aired the first episode of Cowboy Bebop and I immediately fell in love just because the opening credits were so fucking cool.

This one's fun both for the music and the fact that it plays with viewer expectations. This is your first exposure to the main character and in it he spends like 95% of his time being a gun-toting, stoic, serious badass. And he's only really half of those things a good deal of time in the series, and "stoic" and "serious" definitely aren't that half. Plus the music is badass, and the video offers you the promise of a billion scenes with people shooting at each other and so on, and the series certainly doesn't fail to deliver.

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THANK YOU HAMMY! Me and some friends were talkin about cartoons we used to watch as kids, and I couldn't remember the name of this one. Its been bugging me ever since

Always loved the theme to Jack Of All Trades

The Psych intro is a fun lil song I think

And Justified's theme is just awesome It hink


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