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October movie fest!

King Ellis

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At the start of this year, it was my intention to watch more movies in general as I am the embodiment of 'Never seen Star Wars'. I have followed that to some degree, but perhaps moreso in watching a few movies that are new to me, rather than knocking off any of the big blockbusters. But I digress.

Since we are now in October, I plan to watch at least 1 movie per day. As I began noting some of these down though, I thought perhaps it would be good to mix things up a little. It starts out with a lot of real classic ones like Dracula, Frankenstein etc because modern day slashers don't really appeal to me. But like I say, maybe I will include some more recent stuff. Plus some campy stuff too so i'm not just watching straight horror stuff for the whole time. I guess I could split it into thirds?

This is the tentative list so far, spread across some DVD's I already own, a couple of things i've PVR'ed and other acquisitions.

cabnet of dr caligari


Universal monsters (Frankenstein, Dracula, Mummy, Wolf Man, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Phantom of the Opera, The Invisible Man etc)


the man they could not hang


the exorcist

texas chainsaw massacre

halloween 1/2/3 (This will probably serve as the finale on the 31st itself)

friday the 13th


the shining

thing (orig + remake - Not sure how to cover these, probably one early on and the other towards the end rather than back to back)

spontaneous combustion


scary movie



carnival of souls


lost boys

shaun of the dead

Suggestions and discussion, away! Suggestions geared towards the campy side of things strongly welcomed. Anything in animation too would be good as a change of pace since these are all live action.

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I'll second Shutter Island, absolutely loved that movie and Leo was fantastic in it. If you're looking for camp, look no further than Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, it is exactly as ridiculous as it sounds. Also, if you haven't seen Jurassic Park, definitely get on that as well.

Edit: OH, also check out The Fourth Kind. Really cool, creepy (based on a true) story and the way they use actual footage for some scenes is pretty well done.

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Shutter Island

28 Days Later

28 Weeks Later

I will try to think of more later.

LOVED Shutter Island. And actually just re-watched 28 Days last weekend. You know what else I watched last weekend? Paranormal Activity.

If you don't try to be overly critical about it and lose yourself in the movie...it can be kinda spooky :shifty:

Also: If you don't hate handy-cam movies: Cloverfield + Diary Of The Dead.

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Halloween 3 was horrible I thought, mainly due to it been a completely different story and not about Michael Myers per se... As was Sharktopus, but that was almost too good a name to be good :P Everything else on your list I enjoyed to some degree... "It" still freaks me out and I blame my parents for allowing me to watch that movie when I was younger, which brought on my hatred of clowns lol...

You should check out Hellraiser and the original Nightmare On Elm St. as well, they'd go quite well with the majority on that list...

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