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So what makes EWB Members all misty eyed?


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Most of us would never admit to getting teary eyed or crying at a TV show or Film. But sometimes it just happens. It can trigger a memory in us or we can relate to what is happening. So EWB. What moments in Film or a TV show have made you get misty eyed? It doesn't matter how random or stupid they seem. As everyone is different. I've put spoiler tags around stuff if someone may not have seen the film or show we are on about. Even if they are old ones.

[Terminator 2]

You already know what this is if you've seen the film. As a kid I hated it and was so upset and did not know why he had to go. Now re-watching the film I understand but still somehow gets to me. All through the film the terminator protected John. We had seen the first film where it was the ultimate killing machine and just would not stop. Now he was a hero a protector of John. You see the relationship they have. A machine with whom has no sense of right or wrong and has the one mission. To protect John at all cost. Yet both learn stuff from each other and somehow they begin to bond. Really it's a father figure for John. The only father he will ever have. Nearly going out at the end and never coming back the terminator's sole purpose brings it back from the dead to protect John. Plus back up power.

:P And then we have to see him leave John. As a kid and even now it gets me. And what makes it worst is the thumb up at the end.

[Cast Away]

Now this will sound stupid. But shut up. WILSON! That football god. How I love to hate it for making me cry. Yet I want a Wilson. The only friend and I will say it loyal companion on a deserted island to Tom Hanks. The scenes with them made me laugh a lot and feel for how deserted Tom Hanks really was there. "What are you laughing at?" That line cracks me up each time. You see the bond between the man and a ball really. And Wilson is like the co-star. And just when you think their making it off the Island. Wilson falls off with Hanks screaming "WILSON. WILSON I'M SORRY!". How in the hell can a football with a hand print on make you cry. Well Wilson can.

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Terminator 2:

Mainly, the ending. I was six when I saw it, and I didn't quite grasp the idea of special effects. I thought Arnold was actually dead :shifty: .


That scene with the dogs. Fuck Old Yeller, this....yeah, that was depressing.

Pretty much, any movie that shows some kind of grave injustice to children.

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The anime Ano Hana (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai) made me cry. Multiple times. Especially the final episode.

It centers around these five adults who are trying to move through their lives, but are all still damaged from an incident that happened to them when they were children. They had all been friends until one of the group died. Each person dealt with the loss differently and they all ended up growing apart due to it.

It dedicates a lot of time to look at each character and how the death of this friend has affected them, even ten years down the road. On the whole, Ano Hana is focused on the way death, especially that of someone you knew very well, can stop you in your tracks. There are also subtle little hints that make you think about how much a person who dies young misses out on and how unfair that is. Very emotional series.

Even the opening and closing songs make me tear up a bit.

The Woodcutter (movie) is very sad too. I came close to crying when I watched that one.

Stephen King's "Hearts in Atlantis" was another one.

Like Mick said, anything involving a child tends to get to me.

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Return of the Jedi (which I can't believe needs spoilers :shifty:):

The first time I watched it after Revenge of the Sith, it was sad when Anakin/Vader died. I did get a bit misty.

Then I saw Hayden show up at the end, and the sadness turned into rage at Lucas.

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Lion King, when Musfasa died. Fuck you all if I have to put that in spoilers. He fucking dies in front of his son :crying:

Also, TMW's right, Toy Story 3 all the way. Kind of showed the end of my childhood, I fucking hated that, bawled like a baby.

As for TV shows, I cried during the series finale of Friends during the final scene and that episode of ER when

[spoilers]Mark Green died. Fuck :crying: [/spoilers]

I've cried during a bunch of other stuff, too. I'll be back to tell you when I've remembered, 'cause I'm crying now.

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