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EWB's Favorite Movie 2011: The Results

GoGo Yubari

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A day late but let's get started. And it's the "wait, what are they staring at?" edition of this countdown, too.


30. Crazy, Stupid, Love. (14 pts, appeared on three ballots)


29. In Time (15 pts, appeared on two ballots)


27. Rise of the Planet of the Apes (16 pts, appeared on two ballots)


27. The Descendants (16 pts, appeared on two ballots)


26. Submarine (16 pts, appeared on three ballots)

Next Time, on EWB's Top 30 Movies of 2011: My friends, I address you all tonight as you truly are; wizards, mermaids, travelers, adventurers, magicians... come and dream with me.

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The odd one out is In Time, all the rest are good films.

I didn't vote for The Descendants for whatever reason. I should have really omitted Hobo With A Shotgun from my list, Descendants would be have been slightly higher then.

Crazy, Stupid, Love was the sleeper hit of last year for me. No one really expected it to be good as it was marketed like every generic romantic comedy, but it was so much more.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes was much better than I expected it to be as well.

Submarine was very good as well, it is a shame not a lot of people went to see it.

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In Time is a little low, really expected to see that higher on the list, cracking movie.

Didn't manage to find a place for Crazy, Stupid, Love but that really was a great film that I really enjoyed from start to finish. Plus, Emma Stone :wub:

Amazingly I still haven't got round to seeing Rise, really need to try to sit down and watch that sometime soon. Same with The Descendents.

Very good start.

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I do want to see Submarine quite a bit and Rise of the Planet of the Apes seems like a fun movie to watch on a plane or if I don't have anything better to do one night and it's on HBO. No interest in In Time whatsoever, and I'm sure Crazy, Stupid, Love is solid but it doesn't really jump at me as something I want to see even if I really like the leads (sort of like Friends With Kids, where I really like a lot of the cast but still don't want to see the movie).

The Descendants is really good. The writing is a little clunky and exposition-y at the start and a couple of times the balance between drama and comedy gets a little weird, but the shots of Hawaii are gorgeous, the leads are great, and the story plays out very well.

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I saw all of those 5 films and liked all 5. Descendants and Submarine made my list and Crazy, Stupid Love probably should have. It was my favourite rom com since Love Actually and the twists genuinely suprised me. I liked In Time - it was a cool concept and a fun film with a good cast. A great start to the list. Everyone should watch Submarine though, that film is awesome.

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Sadly, I haven't seen any of these yet. To be honest, I'm not really interested in seeing Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and only have a fleeting interest in In Time because I enjoy the concept. I have stronger interests in seeing Crazy Stupid Love and Submarine, and I'm doing myself a huge disservice not watching The Descendants yet cause I have a nagging feeling it would have certainly made my list.

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Didn't have time to update this yesterday. My bad! Let's get back to it.


24. Paranormal Activity 3 (17 pts, appeared on three ballots)


24. Source Code (17 pts, appeared on three ballots)


23. Hugo (19 pts, appeared on three ballots)


21. Insidious (19 pts, appeared on four ballots)


21. Limitless (19 pts, appeared on four ballots)

Next Time, on EWB's Top 30 Movies of 2011: Relax. I interviewed a pilot once!

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Despite not having seen any of these films yet, I have a weird suspicion we may have compiled a pretty decent list for once.

Honestly, last year's is probably better than this year's. Last year's was unusually strong.

Out of these five, I've only seen Hugo and I probably will only ever have seen Hugo, which is a bit slow to get out the gate but once it gets going it's quite nice. I literally did not remember anything about Source Code or Insidious when they started getting votes, and the pictures only barely helped. Paranormal Activity 3 is a sequel to a horror film so no chance of me ever watching it of my own accord. And Limitless didn't really look interesting to me, though I bet there's an off-chance of my dad liking it and demanding we watch it.

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I've never gotten the appeal of the Paranormal Activity movies. There's no real substance in them for me to have an enjoyable movie experience.

Oh god, Source Code. What a lump of shit. I'm lumping Limitless in here too. Both are similar in their approach to saying, "FUCK YOU, SCIENCE." In Source Code, after it's made very clear that what the protagonist wants can't happen, it happens. Why? Because they think the movie going audience are a bunch of idiots. It's a complete insult to the intelligence of the viewer and doesn't work at all. You can't make rules in a movie only to break them. That's what separates good Sci-Fi with bad Sci-Fi. This was bad Sci-Fi. And Limitless, not only took a shit on established scientific rules, but made everything waaaay too convenient and clean. Both movies can go right to hell and don't belong anywhere on this list.

Insidious started off rather interesting and then became ridiculous in a horrible and boring way.

I haven't seen Hugo, yet, but I plan to soon.

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I enjoyed Source Code, but I do keep forgetting about it. There is a reason for that.

Hugo was nice in that it was very well shot, nice on the eyes, etc, but I proved to myself on the second viewing that is isn't something I would enjoy watching more than once.

Didn't see Insidious or Limitless, don't have much desire to either, they both looked very meh to me.

Fuck Paranormal Activity. I hate those fucking things.

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20. The Adventures of Tintin (22 pts, appeared on three ballots)


19. Red State (24 pts, appeared on four ballots)


18. Hanna (25 pts, appeared on four ballots)


17. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (26 pts, appeared on four ballots)


16. Moneyball (28 pts, appeared on three ballots)

Next Time, on EWB's Top 30 Films of 2011: We are not so very different, you and I. We've both spent our lives looking for the weaknesses in one another.

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