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The N7 Dragons - FIFA 18 Xbox One Pro Club

King Ellis

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The N7 Dragons - Xbox One Pro Club




Full name: N7 Dragons

Nickname(s): The Dragons, Nerf's worst nightmare, The Scourge of the official FIFA threads

Founded: 2011

Ground: The Dragons Lair

Capacity : 60,000

Owner: Gary 'Gazz' Priest

Co-chairmen: Dan and Summers

Manager: Larz


Website: Club home page




Founded in 2011 by on Gary 'Gazz' Priest as a sideline to his career as a world renown MMA champion and ladies man, the club would spend it's first year playing scouring the globe for talent, only to have to settle on a bunch of no hopers they found on an internet message board. Following a series of high profile friendlies and tournaments, the team was invited to join the burgeoning EA Sports Football League. Despite some early frustration and time spent yo-yoing between the lower leagues, the club would eventually rise to the top and claim the Division 1 title.


Unfortunately, a Dream Team esque series of cataclysmic events sent the team into a downward spiral. After the mysterious disappearance of their talisman 'Strawberry' Jamzy, the club was shockingly demoted back to Division 10 of the EASFL due to financial irregularities. Chairman Priest pointed fingers at long suspected mole 'Rafa' though charges were never brought, despite a since deleted Tweet from the man himself on a Brazilian beach, laying atop a pile of money, flanked by many thong wearing beauties and sipping a cocktail from the Division 1 trophy. It is thought he has fled back to his Brazilian home, bribing government officials in order to keep him from extradition back to the UK.


Now the rag tag group of footballers (and Kaney) known as the N7 Dragons once more need to climb to the summit of the EASFL and reclaim their championship!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -




Sessions usually start anywhere from 8-10pm and can last 2-4 hours. Check the thread on a daily basis to see who's planning on playing that night.


Plans are potentially under way, at least early on, for some playtime during the day to accommodate the glorious Kaney.


How to join:


Send a join request to LarZieJ in game to join! Alternatively, use your EA login details on the aforementioned website and send a join request that way.


Trophy Room:

FIFA 16:

Division 10, 9, 8, 1 (x2)

Cups: EA Shield, EA Cup, Continental Cup (All x1)

FIFA 15:

Division 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 4, 3, 2

Promoted 5

FIFA 14:

Division 1 title x 2

Numerous cups

FIFA 13:

Division 1 title x 2

Numerous cups


FIFA 14 - As of 9/10/13

Goals: 28 - Jimmy

Assists: 19 - Ellis

(Individual season)

Goals: 280 - Dan (13)

Assists: 149 - Ellis (13)

Open net misses: 15 - Hughes (13)

Offsides: All of 'em - Split Second (12)

(Combined - 12/13/14)


Squad for

Profiles (Italics denotes inactive player):

Board name - Player name - Preferred position - Player bio

Stats (As of 26/9/13):


Final stats for FIFA 13:




Gamertag - Games played - Goals - Assists - Shots on target % - Pass completion % - Tackle completion %






Looking for the FIFA 15 thread?


Perhaps you're a little lost. This is where we discuss our club on the FIFA series for Xbox One. For general gameplay discussion, please feel free to click the links below so you can share your success in the Bundesliga playoffs (which may or may not exist). :) Alternatively, if your next gen console of choice is the PS4, why not try out of our sister club, EWB FC?


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I hereby request that Daws finds/recreates that kit stencil so that I can add an away kit to the OP. And if he happens to make one with my name on it whilst he's at it, that's just an added bonus. Of course, things could change come 14 but still... Oh and maybe slightly tweak the badge to reflect a more accurate formation year, change the fish to a dragon and perhaps rearrange those things in the top left so that there's only 7 of them? Because N7.

Suggestions for stuff to go in the OP are welcome. If someone could extract info for the history books like cup wins, largest margin of victory, most goals in a match, stuff from FIFA 12 etc etc, that'd be neat.

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Open net misses: 15 - Hughes (13)

Offsides: All of 'em - Split Second (12)

I enjoyed this bit the most.

But hey, those stats don't include total tackles in which I am kicking all of your asses.

Also I'm probably too lazy to do kits again. We'll see.

You only enjoyed it cos Hughes is terrible, right? :angry:

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