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Favorite Worst Movies


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I went to a screening of Troll 2 last night, and the theatre does a monthly screening of The Room as well. My girlfriend was pretty much dragged there and thought it was stupid until it got going and she really got into the whole thing. What are some other painfully bad movies that make for a good watch?

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Troll 2's a good shout. Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 has that infamous "Garbage daaaaaaayyyyy!" scene and it's always a good laugh to watch.

Can't go wrong with the original Birdemic either. Or the first two Sharknados.

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I think The Room tops it for me. I was watching it a few months ago and they should show that movie in film studies courses. The Room is this interesting mash up of using familiar tropes and traits of dramatic movies, but than also 100% completely negating several other traits and tropes and breaking a lot of traditional rules about how to film a movie. 

Example - the love making scene. Stylistically, it does things right and channels a lot of the traits of traditional sex scenes. Like Tommy sort of knows how a sex scene should be in a movie, because he has bits and pieces of it right. On the flip side, it also completely ignores many of the established traits of romantic scenes - there is bizarre camera angles that linger for too long on the bodies, the sex music is terrible and the whole thing is way too long. 

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The Room is truthfully one of my favorite movies.


That's an article I wrote about The Room and bad movies and stuff. And here's an interview I did with Tommy Wiseau.


The only movie that truly compares to The Room in my opinion is Fateful Findings. Neil Breen is a very slightly more American Tommy Wiseau, and his film makes just as little sense as anything Tommy has done. There are even more absolutely bonkers sex scenes than in The Room, too. And the ending is probably the most bizarre and ridiculous thing that's ever happened in a movie, and if anyone can get through it without laughing, I'd be amazed. The entire film is on YouTube, and if you have an hour and a half, go watch it.

Some other great ones:

Gymkata - An Olympic gymnast pommel horse expert becoming a karate master. Yes, there is an intensely contrived pommel horse fight scene, and it's amazing.

Zardoz - The plot of this movie is literally that Sean Connery is the only man on Earth who can get a boner.

Over The Top - Arm wrestling has never looked so gritty, and most people who watch this film agree Stallone seems like he wants to fuck his kid the whole time. Also, Terry Funk is in it.

The Wicker Man - Most people know this one. Nicolas Cage's finest hour. I'm very anti-violence against women in general, but I laugh almost every time he punches a woman in the face for no reason. Especially if one of them is wearing a bear suit. Which they often are.

Can't Stop The Music - fake biopic about The Village People, and how super duper straight they are, despite the fact they literally bathe together. There's dicks in this movie. It's rated PG.

Monkey Shines - best ever horror film about a killer helper monkey I've ever seen.

Trapped In The Closet - more of a music video, but I consider it the musical version of so bad its good art. R. Kelly is more like Tommy Wiseau than anyone seems to realize. He's an insularly insane person and he makes outrageous films, but people give him just a little bit of credit since unlike the directors of these other flicks, R. is actually a genius musician. But a goddamn insane filmmaker, nonetheless.

I also love Mystery Science Theater 3000 and thought their reunion show was very funny. Pretty much everything they cover is great, but my faves are The Final Sacrifice and Space Mutiny. Buck Plankchest. First RockBone. Hack Blowfist. Trunk Slamchest. Big McLargeHuge. We will, we will, Rowsdower.

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Holy shit I just watched trailers for Fateful Findings and Double Down. These look just...wow.

3 hours ago, HailtotheTortureRack said:

Toxic Avenger ...

... killer clowns from outer space

Completely forgot about Toxic Avenger. I watched it as a kid and remember thinking it was really weird. Would be interesting to see again.

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7 hours ago, Velociraptor King Ellis said:

Street Fighter is a goddamn masterpiece.

'But... we can all go home. Well... I'm not going home. I'm gonna get on my boat, and I'm going up-river, and I'm going to kick that son-of-a-bitch Bison's ass so HARD... that the next Bison wanna-be is gonna feel it. Now who wants to go home... and who wants to go with ME! '

So bad, it's good.

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