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  1. Lots of rumours about a three team trade between the Yankees, Mets and Marlins. Realmuto to Mets is the main piece, but Andujar is being rumoured to be talked about as a name to go to Miami. Yankees want a Mets pitcher.
  2. That has been happening to me too. Haven't checked but typically it just takes a little while for the new update to come out once there's new DLC.
  3. I love Richard Osman. I would prefer him to be the host. I often feel he's so clever and then Alexander just totally kills off any interesting banter. I really like Insert Name Here but I find it hard to find online. Where do you watch it?
  4. It's too bad there's only 3 episodes left of The Good Place this season. NBC's Thursday night comedy block used to be the highlight of the week. At one point they had The Office, Parks and Rec, Community and 30 Rock. So good.
  5. Been watching random episodes of Pointless. Alexander Armstrong is dreadful.
  6. I believe it's already been filmed but there are no details on who's in it or when it will air.
  7. I get what they were going for but it just didn't work. Ross being an elf, the musical stuff and then the finish to the competition. I would have rathered they just did some sort of drag variety show (like the live shows they do) then pretend it was a competition.
  8. Yep, the kids were amazing. Omar was also great in this season.
  9. Just finished season 4 of The Wire and I think that was my favourite of all of them. I know this will be an unpopular thing to say but damn, The Wire is pretty good.
  10. The Seattle women's soccer team is already called Reign.
  11. Can I ask for a request for my TEW game. I'm looking for two logos. One for the SWF Cruiserweight Classic and one for a new TV show called SWF Underground.

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