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  1. Not to forget the fact the Stewart Haas NASCAR team also use Ford. And yeah, Haas Stewart has been around since 2002, he knows how to keep a racing team afloat (and succesful, with 2 NASCAR championships)
  2. Is every transfer now going to be followed up with "Xm seems a lot even in today's market" ?
  3. Also the reason Conor only had one belt at first when he won the 155 title, I believe it was Woodley who gave up his belt momentarily for the interview.
  4. Also, he's just won a shit load of titles, different weight classes, etc.
  5. Absolutely no idea who that is..
  6. Yeah.. that one didn't quite work out, eh...
  7. And Bader winning the Light Heavyweight title.
  8. I do believe that's actually a picture of Floyd Mayweather, Sr...
  9. There was a match the other day, might have been this tournament, with the most ridiculous red card, and the video ref actually confirmed it, which made it absolutely useless.
  10. But you could say the same about a pitching perfect game unless you throw 27Ks. Not taking anything away from what he's done, obviously.
  11. That would probably be 4 grand slams, no? And to think this guy came into the game with 3 homers this year... (and 0-19 his last 19 ABs...)
  12. Makes it sound like Norwich got a coup with the Dortmund manager when in fact he's the manager of their reserves squad.
  13. Wouldn't it make sense because mixed heritage doesn't necesarrily mean you are a (half) person of color?