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  1. If I hadn't missed a week, I could've been top, damn it, busy life and all that shit. Yay Yorkshire though.
  2. 1. West Brom 2. Tranmere 3. Sunderland 4. Man City Peterborough
  3. Especially for the Eurovision fans around here.. this guy lives quite nearby from me..
  4. Firmino did, and managed to win a champions league (and copa america). It's the new trend.
  5. Can we go back to Bernie's plan of having sprinklers wet up a race here and there?
  6. Surely they've reached the limit of group members by now.
  7. Bookies are illegal in Holland, including their facebook pages, I often get tags from some mates in England, usually from Paddy Power that I can't see because they're blacked out in Holland.
  8. Spending nearly 200kms at the front of the race, amazing performance from De Gendt.
  9. Griezmann to Barca is finally a done deal.
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