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  1. Ewr 4.2 - FLI features

    How about just making a second install of EWR and getting the data yourself? No need to overwrite anything.
  2. Summer Transfer Window 2017

    This is still a year away, the UEFA is looking into changing it, I know the Dutch FA is looking into it, let's hope the English FA kicking it off leads to other leagues joining.
  3. 2018 World Cup Qualifiers

    If they could do that against Sweden too, I'll be very grateful.
  4. Summer Transfer Window 2017

    There was talk even back when he was at Liverpool that at the end of the day, he always wanted to move back to London.
  5. Anyone still play their Wii?

    I actually never had one, but just 2 weeks ago moved in with my girlfriend who still has one, I own a PS4 and she just bought the Nintendo Switch but we still seem to play the Wii more.
  6. Summer Transfer Window 2017

    Former Feyenoord CB, you're right. But still, point stands, he was a big part of our winning the league last year.
  7. Summer Transfer Window 2017

    As a Feyenoord fan, and Donny follower (Lineker 2.0, ikr), this pleases me. (He's the brother of Feyenoord CB Terence Kongolo).
  8. Summer Transfer Window 2017

    He should buy out the clause, sign a new contract with Barcelona, cash in on the signing fee (Barca did after all just get 198m quid..)
  9. The England thread

    Against the Dutch!
  10. RIGHT TURNS THIS WEEKEND YEAH BOY (Althrough I prefer Sonoma but completely missed watching it this year)
  11. Didn't see that one coming, not so fast anyway..
  12. Premier League 2017/18

    I don't get the whole "wearing an atletico" shirt, yes, so he wants to go back, but aside from that, he clearly still supports the team, it's no different than Gerrard always tweeting/instagramming about Liverpool when he was at LA Galaxy.
  13. Formula One 2017

    Not to forget the fact the Stewart Haas NASCAR team also use Ford. And yeah, Haas Stewart has been around since 2002, he knows how to keep a racing team afloat (and succesful, with 2 NASCAR championships)
  14. Summer Transfer Window 2017

    Is every transfer now going to be followed up with "Xm seems a lot even in today's market" ?
  15. Mayweather v McGregor