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  1. Surely they've reached the limit of group members by now.
  2. Bookies are illegal in Holland, including their facebook pages, I often get tags from some mates in England, usually from Paddy Power that I can't see because they're blacked out in Holland.
  3. Spending nearly 200kms at the front of the race, amazing performance from De Gendt.
  4. Griezmann to Barca is finally a done deal.
  5. So, yeah, what the fuck was that. Groenewegen's train has to do it himself, and only goes and does it and becomes the first Dutch yellow jersey wearer in 30 years.
  6. Apparently Max has a similar clause in his deal, if the car doesn't improve greatly before the Hungarian GP, he can move freely.
  7. Pretty annoyed, have no interest in Detroit, or really, most games that come on PS+, and was really looking forward to finally trying out PES. But oh well, back to only using Plus for online play.
  8. Apparently, 40% of NBA players will go into the free agency pool this year, sounds mental.
  9. Yes, plus the ball doesn't have to leave the box before a defender can touch it.
  10. As was said, it's unfortunately the letter of the law as of this tournament, it's a bullshit rule, but ti's a rule, hopefully they'll use this tournament to realize it's bullshit, but they probably won't.
  11. New 2019/2020 rules imply that handball is a handball, intentional or not.
  12. When did the Intertoto drop out of the top 3?
  13. And Spicy P got that MIP.
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