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  1. Final Fantasy

    Nope, he's right - it's the Steam version. Higher resolution and a few extra technical bits and bobs. Like NPC's have mouths apparently. Mouths that are glitched resulting in them being constantly open. I think that's why they're able to add trophies. Probably a lot easier to check variables for trophies on a PC port than it would be on an emulated PSX port. I'm not sure they could even do that, the only thing you'd really be able to check against would be maybe save data?
  2. Final Fantasy

    Really? I think it's a pretty good little list. It's basically a "accomplish everything you can" list. The only ones I think are a little boring are the reach Level 99 and reach the money limit, just because they aren't two that you'll really ever bother to do unless you're looking for the trophy. Could have done a few more fun ones like Collect Every Enemy Skill Materia and so on, but for the most part I think that's a nice little collection. Would love to see them do this for FFVIII.
  3. Final Fantasy

    It's also expected to launch, or have a launch date announced, at PSX this weekend.
  4. What game franchises need reviving?

    Have you tried since patch 4.0? You literally only have to do the class mission on each planet (each of which take max half an hour) to get caught up. They've basically taken out everything grindy and just made it so you play straight through the story.
  5. What game franchises need reviving?

    The latest expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic is basically Bioware just making a new KOTOR. I'd suggest checking it though, you only really have to sub once to see all of the content. You blast through Level 1-50 nowadays.
  6. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

    If you want to get into comics, I think you're so much better off finding a well received run of comics rather than focusing on a character. Like, Brubaker's Captain America run, Johnathan Hickman's Fantastic Four/FF and Avengers/New Avengers run. Bendis through to Brubaker Daredevil run. New 52 Batman by Scott Snyder. Hawkeye's Fraction run too, I imagine it's a pretty great read when you're not waiting 6 months between issues. >_> If you're looking for Spider-Man, I'd totally recommend reading either Ultimate Spider-Man (which is now complete) or Superior Spider-Man. Neither are the traditional Peter Parker from the main comic continuity, but they're arguably two of the greatest runs of Spider-Man.
  7. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

    It's a really fantastic run, I'd actually say the Purple Man stuff is the weakest and feels totally out of place in the book, but he's only in it for like 3 issues. I got the Omnibus for $100 earlier this year and have zero regrets. If the show has spurred some interest, I'd definitely recommend it - it gives an awesome insight into what more of Jessica's life is like. If the show is her big storyline, the comic is her day to day.
  8. Comic Book Films & TV

    Man, there seems to be two schools of thought for Man Shark in Flash. "What the fuck, this show is too goofy now" and "This show is ten times more awesome than it was before."
  9. Metal Gear Solid V - The Phantom Pain

    Outside of one real pain in the ass mission with a ton of tanks, not really.
  10. XBOX Megathread

    I got an Xbox One, Master Chief Collection and Halo 5 and played through all of the Halo games for the first time this past two weeks. They're pretty fun single player games! Fun story. Not sure I can stand the multiplayer. It's crazy that a longer time to die/kill results in MORE kill trading than the super quick deaths in something like CoD. Halo 5 plays really god damn well, though. Maybe I only appreciate it so much because of going from each game in quick succession, but it feels real good to shoot things with the guns. Aim assist is ridiculous though, at times it seemed to just pull my crosshair across the screen, I'd suggest turning that off.
  11. Metal Gear Solid V - The Phantom Pain

    Spoilers below... my spoiler code doesn't seem to work...        
  12. The PS4 thread

    I mean, not really? I like my PS4 plenty, but the only exclusives I've enjoyed thus far are the ones I picked up on Xbox One. I've always been on the PS4 bandwagon and I still think it's the better machine - my Xbox One has been plagued with crashes and disconnects and the dashboard is awful - but there are actually games I can only play on Xbox. I didn't get into Bloodborne, so my PS4 has no exclusives to bother with...
  13. The PS4 thread

    Anyone seen any good deals on the Destiny - Taken King expansion? I kind of want it, but don't really want to spend more than like £25 on it.
  14. The Flash

    Patty is freaking adorable. Love her to bits. Another great addition to the cast, I hope she sticks around. EDIT: I like the new Firestorm too, he'll make a nice every man character.
  15. Which shows have you 'show divorced'?

    Should check out Season 4. A lot better than 4 thus far and to be honest, you'd probably just need to read a summary of Season 3 to get caught up.