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  1. Christmas Traditions

    Nothing particularly out of the ordinary for me, although I think some people find it odd that we open one present on Christmas Eve. Oh, and according to GA, a gathering at church that night is apparently ridiculous. As far as being actually ridiculous, there is one aspect that's a bit odd. During the Christmas season, Christians sing a song about the end of the world that has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus' birth and all to do with the Second Coming ("Joy to the World"). Plus, the Nativity scene depicts events happening at the same time that happened at least months, if not years, apart. Is it Pascua yet?
  2. So, I'm from Denver, Colorado It happens to be the only major metropolis in the US which has an amusement park in its downtown district. Every other amusement park might be within the city limits, but Elitch Gardens is just across the street from some skyscrapers. The Denver Performing Arts Center is one of the largest groupings of theaters in the world. It hosted the 2008 DNC, so it was where Barack Obama got the Democratic Party's nomination for President the first time. Other cities have higher elevations, but a large portion of Denver is exactly a mile above sea level, hence "The Mile High City". Denver International Airport has the most land of any US airport in existence, which is part of why conspiracy theorists think that there's a massive underground base there (and in spite of the assertions of Assassin's Creed, there isn't). And, of course, in the more negative aspect, the Denver area has had multiple mass murder shootings (including one at a movie theater which I frequented before moving to Fort Worth). On a happier note, Denver is also a base for United Airlines, so, hey, if you want to leave, there's plenty of places to go.
  3. Gotham

  4. General Movie Thread

    Honestly, a Die Hard origin story would be kind of cool. No gigantic heist, just John McClane solving a regular crime, and then meeting his wife.
  5. NaNoWriMo

    I'm aware. Which is why I need to break the habit.
  6. Underrated albums?

    Being a Weird Al fan, I find that a lot of people tend to underrate Alpocalypse and Poodle Hat. People like his older material, they know "White and Nerdy" from Straight Outta Lynwood, and there are a few songs on Running With Scissors that got attention, but the other two really go under the radar. It's kind of a shame, because there are some pretty clever songs on both albums. "Bob" is genius (a song written in palindromes totally works for a Bob Dylan style parody), "Hardware Store" has got to be one of the best examples of his vocal and lyrical skills I've heard (although there is a slightly disturbing lyric in there-"automatic circumcisers"), and "TMZ" is a great skewering of celebrity culture. Of course, all of this goes ignored because Mandatory Fun is an amazing album which is the first comedy album to ever top the Billboard charts. I'm not saying that the album doesn't deserve praise (and the fact that I thought of it when I was re-watching an episode of Star Trek: Voyager speaks to that), but some people act like it's the only worthwhile album he's released this century.
  7. Gotham

    I've been watching the show...okay, actually, I binge watched Season 1 on Netflix and then got caught up on Hulu. Either way, I really like the show and am interested to see where it's going. I happen to enjoy Bruce and Selina, even though it does seem a little forced. The thing that keeps messing with me is the fan service. Okay, we introduced all of these characters that people know from the comics, or from the different TV series, or from the movies, and here we go. They're Easter eggs sometimes, while others are a little more on the nose. Honestly, I could do with a little less of that.
  8. NaNoWriMo

    I've written more today than I have in the past four days. Word count is roughly 7400. That's right, I'm 11K behind. *sigh* Crafting a story and NaNoWriMo do not go well together.
  9. Happy birthday RW

    Happy birthday, RW!
  10. I for one...

    Ah TEOL. Our Lawful Evil resident. Happy birthday!
  11. The Flash

  12. NaNoWriMo

    Got to my daily word count goal immediately after midnight. Pretty sure I'll barely get anything written for the next two days, but I'll get something written.
  13. Arrow

  14. What's Up With Your Username?

    My first and middle names. But with an "s" added to my middle name to make it a last name. Because I was 13 when I came up with it.
  15. Which shows have you 'show divorced'?

    I did this with Revenge. I was enraptured with it right up until After that happened, the show just lost my interest. I seem to also have lost track of The Big Bang Theory and NCIS, but that's mostly due to the fact that I use Hulu Plus for a lot of broadcast TV, and CBS keeps their shows on their own website.