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  1. I'm liking the two episodes of UnREAL so far. It feels quite unique and that scene with Rachel telling Madison what to do was brutal! Plus it has a great tagine that marketing must hate not being able to use: "money, dick, power."
  2. Xand


    Whilst it'll good to *finally* see Welling in the goddamn suit (I have complex issues with the Smallville finale) I'd go without seeing him if it meant getting Rosenbaum as Lex.
  3. I should be watching Beach Slang and Muncie Girls tonight. Stoopid Kerrang Awards. But I have an emergency back-up gig to go to: Charlotte Carpenter. Boo-ya.
  4. I constantly disagree with myself over which album I prefer: Hot Fuss or Sam's Town. I think it depends what mood I'm in. I'm currently in a "Sam's Town is my favourite album of all time" mood. Bizarrely I've never really got on with his solo stuff.
  5. Gave that Cayetana album a listen to this morning - I like it. I can confirm it's good music to listen to whilst ironing. Reminds me a little of Hop Along.
  6. It's pretty hypnotic at times when he goes off on the math-like tapping for a couple of minutes. Quite possibly to give Kelly (the bassist) a chance to get her voice back.
  7. I saw them supporting Tellison earlier this year, and in a few weeks they'll be supporting Beach Slang. Then they'll be at 2000 Trees and for some reason I don't feel as if I'm seeing them enough this year.
  8. Wow, every time I've seen LC! the venue's been pretty packed out (that Brum show was so packed and rammed sweat was dripping from the roof) but I think it's safe to say they've got a bigger cult following over here.
  9. I think this is the longest I've stuck around on EWB since 2005. Yay me and my improving attention spa -- SQUIRREL! 

    1. Loz


      Proud of you. :D

  10. I think they've been a few times. I'm sure Waited Before It Was Light was recorded in California (or it may have been Grace). I know they toured the US with Los Campesinos! (my favourite band in the history of anything ever) and was so annoyed that one of those dates landed on my birthday. They did end up supporting them in my favourite venue in Birmingham a couple of years later. I've lost my train of thought -- oh yes, they've been to America quite a few times.
  11. I love Johnny Foreigner - looking forward to their new album. I know a couple of people who've taken part in gang backing vocals for a song or two and they've been telling me it's some of their better stuff. They played one or two new songs when I saw them a few weeks ago and they sound great. In gig news - I have Diet Cig next week, and then Joanna Gruesome the week after!
  12. This is going to be fun. Every cast announcement for season two was spectacular - season three looks like it'll be in the same direction. It'll be tough to beat Dunst, though. That said, I think I said the same about Thornton and Tolman in season one.
  13. Xand

    Music that is awful

    Just when I forget just how bad this is...it feels worse.
  14. Xand

    Your five favorite bands

    Los Campesinos! The Killers Frank Turner Barenaked Ladies Blink-182
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