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  1. There was a theory I saw on reddit that it follows post-time travel Steve back in the war once the Infinity Stones are dealt with and he helps Mutants during the war, which could be a great way to retcon X-Men in.
  2. "Bubbly fuck" has me in tears every time I watch it . Easily a top five moment of the whole thing for me.
  3. The newly signed director has now confirmed this, if we didn't already have confirmation:
  4. They gave people who bought the PS5 version refunds, I've seen a few pictures on reddit. I suck at swimming because I keep forgetting which I've got the Y-axis set and he never goes the way i want him to but other than that I quite enjoyed the intro, I'll probably carry on with it.
  5. William Saliba is off to Nice on loan for the rest of the season.
  6. I have one issue with his approach to that task:
  7. I think it could be a good way forward to pad the time between series if they had a couple more one-off specials down the line. The batch they picked had good studio chemistry and it felt more urgent only having one episode to win.
  8. I'd have liked a longer series with that cast, I usually can't stand Rylan but thought he was great, as were they all.
  9. I assumed it was calendar year but if that's the case I'll just have to remember it later this year.
  10. I'll say this now, because I'm not going to change my vote, but I'm gutted Bridgerton came out now and not in like two weeks time because I'm surprisingly hooked by it and it won't be eligible next year.
  11. Yeah I didn't start Miles Morales yet but I Platinum'd Bugsnax and got 2 of the 3 Spiderman DLCs finished. Got a bit more of Immortals done but I really wanna get Spiderman done to 100% so it's cleared off the plate.
  12. Shadow is great for me since I was planning on playing through the first two in the new year. Bought the first in a recent sale and the second was a freebie a while back. The only person I know who's played Greedfall is @Cymbols and he said it was rubbish. Will give it a go but not expecting much based on that. Maneater could be great or awful who cares I get to swim around as a shark. Can't wait.
  13. I havent dived deep into Immortals yet but what I've played I've enjoyed.
  14. The only change I'd probably make to the list I posted earlier in the thread is bumping Stand Atlantic down for Dragged Under's The World Is In Your Way.
  15. All Time Low. Before 2016, when I really got into live music, I never really listened to them bar a few singles but they were my girlfriend's favourite band. They've subsequently become one of my favourites because they're fucking great. So many bangers.
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