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  1. The idea of loaning Abraham to Arsenal seems mad to me given how many Chelsea players go to Arsenal and get worse. If we have to send him anywhere, as said, at least West Ham have European football.
  2. Wouldn't surprise me, the massive number of loans we have was bound to have a breaking point at some stage. Even if they break through like Abraham there's no guarantee they'll even get to keep their spot a year later. Why stick around?
  3. £20 on their store at the moment for anyone after it.
  4. Mount off for Grealish in my opinion.
  5. Rewatched some of the new trailers from the State of Play, Lost Judgment actually looks pretty good. That one they're giving out for PS+ next month just looks like another Destruction All-Stars level disaster. Someone on Reddit posted the playerbase figures for the Steam version and it's practically dead in less than a year.
  6. Season 2 of The Witcher has been confirmed for a December 17 air date.
  7. Sifu getting delayed sucks, one I've got my eye on. Absolutely nothing else in this State of Play interested me, we've already seen a decent amount of Deathloop. I just want Ghostwire: Tokyo news damn it.
  8. Can't believe they relegated this to a B-Side.
  9. Freaky was great, Vince Vaughn is brilliant in it.
  10. Yeah echoing the Fear Street love, wasn't expecting anything but I was surprised by it. Hopefully the whole trilogy is to the same standard.
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