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  1. Yeah, I'd love to know the thoughts of the players about all of this.
  2. I understand some of the pacing complaints but at the same time a slower episode really let it sink in just how far Walker had gone. There's still so much for the finale to get in that it'll probably be packed anyway.
  3. I'm fine with it purely because she's just so far ahead already. She just had her worst episode so far and still got 12 points.
  4. I'm genuinely impressed at Jamali's thinking in that captain's hat task. I'd have done the exact same as everyone else.
  5. Really good episode. After a rocky fifth season they've really gotten back on track this year.
  6. It honestly wouldn't surprise me at this point if they decided to sell Kane just to have the funds to sack him.
  7. Lee only had 2, Mike got DQ'd for the bottle task as well. And that joke the exact reaction it deserved.
  8. 3 DQs for one person in an episode is surely a record?
  9. I'd definitely agree that having seen the first three episodes, this series should definitely have been longer than the six episodes it got. Nothing has any time to breathe. Wandavision clocked in at about 6 hours total and the pacing felt way better, we're halfway through that less with FATWS and it feels like they've crammed in twice as much as the whole WandaVision series already.
  10. I recently binged the entire show, how the fuck do you like Toby? Ryan is a complete asshole and I don't like him but I think he's a great character. His final line of the is one of my favourites given the full episode context. Best side character is Stanley and I won't hear otherwise.
  11. I'll get Oddworld and add Zombie Army 4 to my library to ignore. Not a great month but I've got a big enough backlog anyway so a dud month isn't the worst thing.
  12. I'm not buying that rumour purely because Days Gone is in the Playstation Plus Collection. We'll find out shortly though I guess. Well what do you know, it was right!
  13. Finished my first playthrough of Detroit: Become Human today. Brilliant game, can't wait to see what the studio come out with next.
  14. Thin Ice is the worst final in my opinion.
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