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  1. Why wouldn't it be safe buying direct from the manufacturer?
  2. Add Lonely the Brave to the heap with Shame and YMAS, not bad but no lasting impression. Where's all the exciting music hiding?
  3. How on earth did you cope with the controls, I can't make the stupid shark face the way I want half the time.
  4. Dirty Nil was actually pretty good on second listen, Viagra Boys was better though. Some of the YMAS songs grew on me too. If I was gonna rank them... Viagra Boys > Dirty Nil > You Me At Six = Shame Royal Blood have put Boilermaker on the album too which I've already heard live and know is a banger so put that very distantly above the rest just based on 3 songs DFF doesn't need to do a ranking because by the time he's written it out he'll have listened to another eight.
  5. I cannot stop thinking about where this show is going to end up heading, every episode gets weirder and by the finale we're gonna see some weird shit and I'm here for it.
  6. Yes but you're mental, I'll probably listen to that many all year Shame one started better than it ended, but the Viagra Boys album was just on the whole better than it.
  7. Will add it to the list. Easy to build it up when working from home haha.
  8. I need to give both another listen, but my initial review after one listen of each us that I'm not in any real rush to do so. Shame's Drunk Tank Pink seems to have a bit more about it from the first couple of songs, gonna give it a full spin tomorrow.
  9. Happy new year to the few people who read the music forum! Royal Blood have opened 2021 strong with a new banger of a single and an album announcement. Already probably a strong contender for my 2021 album of the year off the back of the two songs they've released. Newest You Me At Six was very middle of the road, new Foo Fighters looks like it's heading the same way. Only other new release I've listened to so far was The Dirty Nil which again didn't do anything that exciting, hence my album of the year decision already
  10. There was a theory I saw on reddit that it follows post-time travel Steve back in the war once the Infinity Stones are dealt with and he helps Mutants during the war, which could be a great way to retcon X-Men in.
  11. "Bubbly fuck" has me in tears every time I watch it . Easily a top five moment of the whole thing for me.
  12. The newly signed director has now confirmed this, if we didn't already have confirmation:
  13. They gave people who bought the PS5 version refunds, I've seen a few pictures on reddit. I suck at swimming because I keep forgetting which I've got the Y-axis set and he never goes the way i want him to but other than that I quite enjoyed the intro, I'll probably carry on with it.
  14. William Saliba is off to Nice on loan for the rest of the season.
  15. I have one issue with his approach to that task:
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