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Music People Wouldn't Expect You To Listen To


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This comes from a conversation with 17 on MSN.

He was surprised I liked Ashlee Simpson. I also enjoy Justin Timberlake & NSync's music. Well, some of NSync's music. Gone is fucking bad-ass.

But, uh, yeah. I listen to Ashlee Simpson, Justin Timberlake, N*Sync, Usher...

MTV is my guilty pleasure at about 3 AM. :blush:

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I guess my constant whoring of Colm Wilkinson would make it less surprising, but yeah, stage musicals are cool. Other then that, I have various guilty pleasures ranging from S Club 7 and Jennifer Lopez to Afroman, Linkin Park, Saliva and Staind. Yeah I know every Staind song sounds the same. I can live with it. ;)

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Well, I guess Hoobastank comes to mind for this. I'll notch one up for an Alicia Keys or Lauryn Hill track, too. Some good music, especially from the latter two.

EDIT: One more in country artist Brad Paisley. He's funny, even if his tracks aren't always good.

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Savage Garden! Serious, they rule!

Ermmm....Norah Jones, Garth Brooks, John Denver. Damien Rice and David Gray (not that they are embarassing, they just don't go with my DEFF METUL).

Depeche Mode, New Order and Joy Division have been recent favourites.

I also adore the music from Les Miserables and Bugsy Malone.

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Um, well, the fact that when i was 16 and I mentioned I had bought an Eminem album and everyone laughed, yup, I suppose that that counts.

Busted (first album) and S Club 7 are also guilty pleasures.

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I'm addicted to all kinds of 80s music, whether it be New Wave or Hair Metal, I listen to it.

I also like a lot of rap: DMX, Wu-Tang, Eminem, Jay-Z, Dre, etc.

Southern Rock too, Skynyrd and the like... I'm a big grit.

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Michelle Branch before she vanished. The Spirit Room is a great CD. I only heard a few tunes off her next album and they were good. Sadly, it seems she is a one album wonder at this time. I hope she doesn't stay in that category though.

Goodbye To You is her best song in my opinion, well it's my favorite at least. I could listen to that over and over again.

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Hmmm beside from Reggae/Dub which everyone probably should have gathered already :P i also have to admit to being a Norah Jones fan, i'm also into electronica like Crystal Method, Vangelis, Asian Dub Foundation (do they count?), various types of heavy metal, particularly thrash & death metal, The Haunted, Brujeria, old-school Sepultura, Nailbomb, Devolved, and Isis, anyone heard of them? No idea what catergory of metal they'd go into. I also like Bjork, not sure what genre she would be classed as either. And thanks to the GTA games, i'm starting to get more into rap as well, Ruff Ryders, NWA, Ice-Cube, stuff like that.

I'm also a big fan of 70s folk, namely bob dylan, and psych-rock, The Doors, The Beatles, John Lennon, and um, that's all i can think of at the moment :)

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