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Silent Hill


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Is it just me, or did parts of that look exactly like Silent Hill 3? I don't mean settings or anything, I mean it looked like it WAS the game. Either way, it's looking fucking good. April it's released?

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It looks good, and it looks like they have the atmosphere of the game which is a sigh of relief (*cough*Resident Evil*cough*). The film has potential, lets just hope they can deliver all the goods(from the script to the acting).

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I must say I thought it started kind of meh, but by the end of it, I loved it. Radha Mitchell looks to continue her rep of being in good shit (even if I could never vouch for High Art) and obviously Sean Bean and Roger Avary are still badasses for their own reasons.

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Guest Grapehead

OMG! FUKGINGLKS! This game has been a gateway game for me into the survival horror genre, I remember first playing it with my sister when I was 15, then played Silent Hill 2 with a girlfriend, and just recently played 2, 3, and 4 with another girlfriend. I've played these games so many times, and I absolutely adore them. First watching the trailor I thought it quite gay that they replaced one of my favourite characters, Harry, with a woman, but all the images, enemies, music... FUCK! I can't wait for this shit...

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