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Metallica Announces Producer For Next Album

Evil Chase K

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From Metclub.com...

"We just wanted to let our friends know that we have been jamming, writing, just plain messing around and having fun in the studio for the last few weeks.

Oh, and by the way, this up and coming producer guy named Rick something-or other, has been coming by the studio every now and again to listen to some of our new stuff and throw his two/three cents in.

Since this Rick dude is new to all of this, we thought it would be a nice gesture to help break him into the music business by asking him to produce our next record. We're very happy he said yes! In other words, we are psyched to share with you that Rick Rubin is producing the next Metallica album! FUCK YEAH!"

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When does Rubin fucking sleep? Here's a list of everything he's worked on in the last year:

Make Believe - Weezer (2005)

Out of Exile - Audioslave (2005)

Mezmerize - System of a Down (2005)

Hypnotize - System of a Down (2005)

Fijación Oral 1 - Shakira (2005)

Oral Fixation 2 - Shakira (2005)

12 Songs - Neil Diamond (2005)

Stadium Arcadium - Red Hot Chili Peppers (2006)

Just In Time - Justin Timberlake (2006)

Unknown - Linkin Park (2006)

Unknown - Metallica (2006/2007)

I'm really excited about this, but it'll be strange to see a Metallica album not produced by Bob Rock.

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I haven't rated Metallica for a long time, and I don't even consider some of their earlier work the "classics" they were hailed as, even their best albums are still fairly formulaic, if listenable, metal, but nothing amazing. I have to admit, though, I'm interested about this one. Rick Rubin as a producer could, hopefully, breath some new life in to them, and hopefully Rob Trujillo will be involved in the writing process in a big way, seeing as he's my favourite bassist not named Les Claypool or Jaco Pastorius, but that seems unlikely.

If Lars gets his act together as well, this could turn out amazing. I won't hold my breath, but I'm intrigued as to how it will turn out.

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Frantic was alright.

I didn't like the album to start with, then I saw Some Kind Of Monster and I liked it even less.

Just kind of killed some of the magic to see them pulling meaningless lyrics out of their ass.

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