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EWB's List of Favorite Simpsons Characters: Voting Thread


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So, yeah. Not sure it's been done before (I know there's a list by Sousa on fav episodes), but if it has, fuck it, I wasn't around then :shifty:

Normal shit applies, and they are as below:

1. Vote for your top TEN favorite characters from the Simpsons. The TV show. So don't put Jessica Simpson in your list. I don't know why I said that. Your 1st place vote is your favorite, your 2nd place vote your second favorite, so on and so forth.

2. Even if it's a duo or something (ie. Patty and Selma), they'll be counted individually, so vote for one character per voting place.

3. 1st place votes get 10 points, 2nd place 9 points, 3rd place 8 points, so on and so forth.

4. Do lists have so many rules? I don't remember.

5. This result of this list may be rigged to allow Apu to win.

So yeah, vote away guys, and have fun discussing how everyones' voting sucks barring Sousa's. And possibly GoGo's.

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1. Ashlee Simpson

2. George Simpson

3. O.J. Simpson

4. Jessica Simpson

5. Scott Simpson

6. James Simpson

7. A different guy named James Simpson

8. Jane Simpson

9. India Arie Simpson

10. Hans Moleman

EDIT: All right I'll do a real one.

1. Hank Scorpio

2. Very Tall Man

3. Shelbyville version of Milhouse

4. Lyle Lanley

5. Gabbo

6. Mr. Burns' mother

7. Cecil Terwilliger

8. Handsome Pete

9. Birchibald "Birch" T. Barlow

10. Homer Glumplich

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1. Hank Scorpio

2. Leon Kompowsky

3. C. Montgomery Burns

4. Lionel Hutz

5. Karl (Homer's assistant, not Carl Carlson)

6. Moe Szyslak

7. Chief Clancy Wiggum

8. Sideshow Bob

9. Birchibald T. Barlow

10. Mr. McCraig

edit: Ack! Where to put Rex Banner and Frank Grimes? And McGarnagle (and his chief)?

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1. Lionel Hutz

2. Krusty the Klown

3. Frank Grimes, or Grimey as he liked to be called

4. Rex Banner

5. Handsome Pete

6. Very Tall Man

7. Martin Prince

8. Todd Flanders

9. Moe

10. Rainer Wolfcastle

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I haven't watched the show in years, but here we go:

1. Ralph

2. Disco Stu

3. Rainer Wolfcastle

4. Frank Grimes

5. Homer Simpson

6. Lionel Hutz

7. Martin

8. Moe (go kill, Moe)

9. Sideshow Bob

10. Hank Scorpio (was he only ever in that one episode...? The character, that is.)

5. Karl (Homer's assistant, not Carl Carlson)

Going back and reading other people's votes, I really wish I had a #11 to put Karl. He was wonderful.

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1. Sideshow Bob

2. Police Cheif Clancy Wiggum

3. Moe

4. Homer

5. Mr. Burns

6. Groundskeeper Willy

7. Nelson Muntz

8. Krusty the Klown

9. Troy McClure

10. Barney Gumble

10 was not enough choices, I didn't even get Ned in there!! I also really just wanted to throw Zap Brannigan for some reason.

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This list is hard.

1. Homer Simpson

2. Gil Gunderson

3. Lenny Leonard

4. Lou (as in "Cuff 'im, Lou!")

5. Rex Banner

6. Hans Moleman

7. Sideshow Bob

8. Fat Tony

9. Dr. Nick Riveria

10. Eleanor "Crazy Cat Lady" Abernathy

I could do a Top 50 of my own to be honest. I think this will be a list no one will argue with, all the characters have their moments.

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1. Kent Brockman

2. Ned Flanders

3. Troy McLure

4. Mr. Burns

5. Rainier Wolfcastle

6. Lionel Hutz

7. Hank Scorpio

8. Roger Meyers Jr.

9. Jasper (old man with beard)

10. Fat Tony

Incidentally, Homer Simpson would have been in the top ten based on the strength of the early episodes, but he's just lost too much dignity over the seasons...

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Guest mr. potato head

It's really hard to differentiate between favourite characters and favourite concepts/gags for characters.

1) Sideshow Bob

2) Kent Brockman

3) Mayor Quimby

4) Lenny

5) Ralph Wiggum

6) Chief Wiggum

7) Lionel Hutz

8) Hans Moleman

9) Capital City Goofball

10) Handsome Pete

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Don't really watch Simpsons a whole lot, but I'll have a go.

1) Homer Simpson

2) Apu

3) Comic Book Guy

4) Ned Flanders

5) Krusty the Clown

6) Sideshow Bob

7) Bumblebee Guy

8) Moe

9) Mr Burns

10) Disco Stu

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1. Ralph

2. Mr Burns

3. Grandpa Simpson

4. Homer

5. Chief Wiggum

6. Jasper

7. Comic Book Guy

8. Troy Mclure

9. The Sea Captain

10. Nelson

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Homer Simpson

lost too much dignity


1. Superintendent Chalmers

2. Hank Scorpio

3. Homer Simpson

4. Lisa Simpson

5. Moe Szyslak

6. Gil Gunderson

7. Frank Grimes

8. Troy McClure

9. Lindsey Naegle

10. Milhouse Van Houten

EDIT: Has to get Lisa in there.

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Homer Simpson

lost too much dignity


OK, he never had dignity in the conventional sense, but in the earlier episodes, while he was stupid, it was born more out of innocence rather than anything. For example, in the first ever episode, Homer tries to be a shopping mall Santa, and predictably it doesn't work out. Then, he blows the money he did earn from the job on greyhound racing. But he does all that because he's trying to help his family buy Christmas presents, and in his mind that was the best way to go about it.

Compare this with, say, the series 11 episode where Bart creates a comic book about Homer's anger problems. In the climax, Homer walks into a trap Bart set for him, gets hit with a ton of used nappies/diapers, and then falls into some paint. Not because of any need to help his family or something along those lines, but because he's silly, stupid, manchild Homer. Or when Homer gets a new job for the millionth time- at first, it's believable and quite sweet to see Homer getting excited about some sort of new scheme and failing at it, but eventually, you get sick of him getting new jobs again and again, and failing time after time. So that's what I'm referring to with the loss of dignity.

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