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The best film casts


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Which films have the best selection of actors. Talent that make the movie so mouthwatering or so rich with brilliance?

I'll start with my two favourites.


Directed by Terrence Malick

Sean Penn

Adrien Brody

Jim Caviezel

Ben Chaplin

George Clooney

John Cusack

Woody Harrelson

Elias Koteas

Nick Nolte

John C. Reilly


Directed by Robert Altman

Maggie Smith

Michael Gambon

Kristin Scott Thomas

Charles Dance

Jeremy Northam

Ryan Phillippe

Stephen Fry

Kelly Macdonald

Clive Owen

Helen Mirren

Emily Watson

Alan Bates

Derek Jacobi

Richard E. Grant

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The Expendables

Sly Stallone


Jason Statham

Bruce Willis

Dolph Lundgren

Jet Li

Mickey Rourke

Terry Crews

Randy Couture

Steve Austin

Eric Roberts

Charisma Carpenter

True Romance

Christian Slater

Patricia Arquette

Christopher Walken

Dennis Hopper

James Gandolfini

Brad Pitt

Gary Oldman

Tom Sizemore

Chris Penn

Samuel L. Jackson

Val Kilmer

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Pineapple Express is definitely number one on my list. I think it had the best collection of comedy actors in one film. Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Bill Hader, and Gary Cole. I really can't think of a comedy with a more loaded cast, besides maybe Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

The Avengers would be on my list if Edward Norton was still Hulk. Downey and Norton would have been awesome together.

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Burn After Reading came to mind immediately for me.

That is a really good one. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, John Malkovich, Richard Jenkins, J.K. Simmons... that's pretty fantastic top to bottom.


Directed by Wes Anderson

Gene Hackman

Anjelica Huston

Gwyneth Paltrow

Ben Stiller

Luke Wilson

Owen Wilson

Bill Murray

Danny Glover

Kumar Pallana

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LA Confidential - Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Danny Devito, James Cromwell, Ron Rifkin. Or maybe it's just my soft spot for anything and everything Kevin Spacey.

And Batman Begins, for the same reasons as The Dark Knight, but with 100% more Cillian Murphey and Liam Neeson.

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First one that came to mind is Goodfellas, such a perfect cast for that movie

Ray Liotta

Robert De Niro

Joe Pesci

Lorraine Bracco

Paul Sorvino

The small parts of Tony Darrow, Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Corrigan and Michael Imperioli are great aswell.

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Have to repeat the mentions of The Departed and The Royal Tenenbaums. On that note, add The Life Aquatic.

This one may be a bit more controversial, but Magnolia is the first thing that comes to mind in this category.

Also? Basically anything the Coen Brothers have ever done. O Brother, Where Art Thou?, No Country For Old Men, The Big Lebowski, Ladykillers, etc.

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Harry Potter. srsly/

This. I can't stand Harry Potter, because the whole concept just doesn't appeal to me in the slightest, but the cast for the movies is insanely strong.

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Magnolia has a great fucking cast. I think it's one of the most overrated movies of the '90s but that cast is stellar top to bottom.

I feel ya. It's one of my favorite films, but I completely acknowledge that it's kinda up its own ass and even inspired other films to get up their asses.

That said, William H. Macy! Julianne Moore! John C. Reilly! JASON GODDAMN ROBARDS.

While it's not the only reason, the biggest reason I love Magnolia is the fucking cavalcade of strong performances.

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Some great ones mentioned so far.

The lastest adaptation of Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy:

Gary Oldman

Colin Firth

Tom Hardy

Benedict Cumberbatch

Mark Strong

Toby Jones

Ciaran Hinds

Stephen Graham

John Hurt

Kathy Burke

And Trigger from Only Fools and Horses!

Pulp Fiction (an obvious one)

Bruce Willis

Samuel L. Jackson, Motherfucker

John Travolta

Uma Thurman

Harvey Keitel

Tim Roth

Christopher Walken

Ving Rhames

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