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It really would have worked out so much better for them to have switched to a digital publication. I mean, hell, that's probably what's going to keep GameInformer going strong (besides getting linked with GameStop anyway) and probably could have kept them afloat for a whole hell of a lot longer. Still incredibly sad news as while I've not touched one in ages, it's like GoGo said-- was nice to still see it on magazine racks. That was a massive part of my childhood, I still have a semi-crumpled up issue from the Banjo & Kazooie launch on the N64 and another that had a poster insert for Mario Tennis 64.

Pretty much reminds me of the sadness of hearing that Toonami was cancelled a long while back, despite the whole thing going to shit long before it was anyway. It was the end of something nostalgic and it's always sad to see that sort of thing go.

So long old friend :crying:

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It's going to suck when gaming magazines start to disappear completely. You can find all the information in them from the internet a long time before it's released in print, but it's always nice to be able to pick up a copy for a long train ride or whatever. If it weren't for exclusive interviews and articles that aren't news, I'd be pretty sure magazines like Empire and Total Film would be on the way out too.

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