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The Phantom Pain


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Debuted during the Spike VGA's a few days ago. People are already speculating that its a quiet MGS 5 reveal. Theres no denying the main character, in the few shots you see of his face, does have a resemblance to Snake/Big Boss. The character has a bandage over his right eye, like Big Boss, but as far as I can remember, Big Boss ever lost his arm...that was Liquid, but Liquid never lost his eye. Solidus lost his left eye, but not an arm. Solid Snake never lost anything

Whatever the game is, the debut trailer is intense and has me wanting more info

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Regardless of how good 3 was, 4 was pretty damn amazing.

Without the context of the previous posts, I thought you were saying 3 was bad. I was fully prepared to rant like a crazy man.

Man. The only thing that sucks about 3 is that the controls feel clunky as fuck after playing 4. I tried playing the HD version after beating Peace Walker (which may actually be a superior Metal Gear game to 4, now that I think about it. The story elements pale in comparison, but the gameplay was just fantastic. It was like a mix of all the fantastic parts of 3, coupled with the feel of MGS1 and the polish that came from MGS4.) but I just couldn't get into it because some of the controls were awful.

Probably doesn't help that I must have beaten it at least 20 times previously though. >_>

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