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What TV show should I watch next?


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So I just went through all of Seinfeld in the last couple weeks (My first time watching any of it actually, loved it). I need something else to watch. What do you suggest? I'd rather have something with a few seasons behind it already, just so I'm not asking this question again in a couple days.

Recently I've watched...

30 Rock

Breaking Bad


How I Met Your Mother

It's Always Sunny


Nathan Barley



Sons of Anarchy

The Shield

Probably some other stuff.

I tried V, but thought it got really dumb in the second series. I tried EUReKA, but I'm just not in love with it, I've got Parks and Recreation going, but It's not grabbed me yet.

Any suggestions?

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Shameless, the US season. It's in it's third season now, and everyone will back me up on it being sweet. It has William H Macy, which is always a double plus.

Parks And Recreation, in it's fifth season, and is the best comedy on TV now. It has the best character on TV currently, in Ron Swanson.

Episodes is pretty good too. Two seasons done. It has Matt LeBlanc, who depending on who you ask, is either a plus or minus.

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The Wire

This. Also, stick with Parks - like other people said. The first season isn't so great, but it immediately picks up during season 2 and gets progressively better.

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Who am I supposed to be rooting for in Episodes? Everyone on this show is an arsehole. :S Couple more episodes to go, then I'll try something else... although I kinda wanna watch Joey now...

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