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Your favourite beat 'em up characters to play as?

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Not necessarily your favourite backstories or anything. Which characters do you have most fun playing as?

I've always preferred the quicker characters since I started on Street Fighter II with Chun-Li. The early Mortal Kombats never really gave characters very different feels with regards to any feeling particularly faster or heavier than others.

With Tekken I played a lot as Hwoarang from Tekken 3 onwards. I liked the fact that there were buttons to change his feet stance and his hand positions. It really made flicking around into different positions to unleash the best flurry of kicks a load of fun.

On Soul Blade on the PS1 I played a LOT as Li Long. He used nunchucks (...or a bendy stick for us in the UK when nunchucks were banned from media) and was really fast with his attacks.

However I think my favourite character to play with is Taki.


Putting aside her ridiculous Japanese-obsession comedy bazongas she's quick, flips around everywhere and is armed only with two of the smallest little daggers in the game. Considering you're up against opponents with war axes, war hammers, long pointy sticks, katana and so on it's always struck me as pretty cool to just take them on with that.

I also quite like fighting as Tira because basically she's fighting with a bladed hula hoop. In fact in the character creation you can just give her a pink and white striped schoolyard hula hoop instead. Even more fun to beat your mates with.

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Ken in Super Street Fighter II, because he was just so damn fast. That Hurricane Kick was just brutal.

In Tekken 3, Eddy :shifty: , just because I liked watching him dance.

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Used to be Ryu/Ken on SFII as they were really the only people I knew as to play as, and even then I didn't know how to do the Dragon Punch. Same for 3rd Strike and SFIV, though I ventured into people like Dan and Sakura as they play similarly but are still a little different.

Tekken, I used to like Hwoarang on 3 when I would briefly play that because, yeah, kicks are cool. Then when Revolution came out on PS3, he wasn't available from the off so I eventually settled on Kazuya as I was able to quickly learn some of his moveset and was pretty competent online with him. Ended up picking up Tekken 6 and rolled with him again, though he's slightly different because on Revolution you can do a takedown, mount your opponent and then get four hits in. The takedown is in 6 but you can't seem to hit them when you're on the ground.

MK9, I never really settled on one person as it's story has you playing as lots of different people. Would probably lean towards Jade, she's pretty cool with her staff thing and you can pull off some neat combos.

UMvC3 I usually roll with Ryu, Wolverine and Dante. Ryu because I was familiar with him and it gave me an easier time transitioning to the game, the other two again pretty much caus I was able to quickly learn their moves, plus they're quite agile and allow you to quickly get in people's faces which is how I usually play.

Oh, and Orchid on Killer Instinct because fire cats and epic cartwheels.

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Capcom games: Ken, Fei Long, and in certain games, Gambit and Spider-Man.

Tekken: Law in the early ones, Christie in the later games. My Christie play turned away countless challengers in the arcades. And it's not button mashing. Button mashing with Christie will only get you so far. If you know how to use her combos, and her dodge-kick maneuver, you can pretty much dominate everyone. Christie was god tier.

King of Fighters: King, Terry, and Mai.

Samurai Shodown: Ukyo Tachibana.

Soul Calibur: Voldo and Astaroth.

Smash Brothers: Fox McCloud.

Mortal Kombat: Johnny Cage.

Guilty Gear: Baiken is my favorite to play as, but my best play is with Faust. Bridget is also fun. But really, I could pretty much do well with anyone except Potemkin. Fuck Potemkin.

BlazBlue: Taokaka, Rachel, or Noel. But I can do well with almost anyone except Tager and Carl.

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Tekken - Hwoarang (juggle bitches with kicks) and King (IT'S A GOD DAMN JAGUAR MASK WEARING WRESTLER - WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT)

Street Fighter - Chun Li (bouncing off walllllllls) and E.Honda (spam slap!)

Evil Zone (the best beat 'em up to never get a sequel) - Danzaiver (go-go power rangerrrrr)

Smash Bros - Pikachu (thunderrrrrrr)

Mortal Kombat - Sub-Zero (ice decoy!)

Final Fight - Haggar (mayor and wrestler!)

Streets of Rage - Blaze (hawt)


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