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What games are you looking forward to?


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So after complaining the other day how few games I was looking forward to this year, I decided to have a proper look through the calendar. Got me thinking - what games is everyone else looking forward to?

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance [PS4] due Q3 2015

Might wind up being the game that makes me get a PS4. I always wanted to play the series but could never be bothered, but this game is apparently a fresh cast, so I may well give it a go.

Assassin's Creed Victory [PS4/XBO] due Oct/Nov 2015

Won't be the game to make me get either console, but the likely annual release will certainly be on my "to buy" list (along with the previous current-gen entry) when I do.

Football Manager 2016 [PC] due Oct/Nov 2015

A little known football sim yet to be announced but 99.999999999% chance of release.

Pokémon [3DS] due Oct/Nov 2015

The annual Pokémon entry yet to be officially announced, nuff said.

Rise of the Tomb Raider [360/XBO] due Q4 2015

Like AC, not a game to make me get the console, but a sure fire buy when I do.

Tekken 7 [Likely PS4] due 2015/2016

No confirmation yet, but it seems inevitable since it was released in arcades last month. Potentially the game to make me go current gen depending on my mood.

Gran Turismo 7 [PS4] due 2015/2016

Another "not enough to get the console but I'll get it when I do".

Final Fantasy XV [PS4/XBO] due 2015/2016

Eternally delayed, but one of only two games on the list that will make me "have to" buy a PS4 or XBO.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance [PC/PS4/XBO] due 2016

Another "not enough to get the console but I'll get it when I do".

Mirror's Edge [PC/PS4/XBO] due 2016

Another "not enough to get the console but I'll get it when I do".

Quantum Break [XBO] due 2016

From the creator of Alan Wake, this will almost certainly be the game to make me get the XBO.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End [PS4] due 2016

One of the two games that will make PS4 "must buy" for me.

Walking Dead: Season 3 [PC/PS4/XBO] due 2015/2016

Will play on PC, as with previous installments.

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My list:

Football Manager 2016 [PC] - Will be doing my usual 'only buy even installments' thing. I like to get two years out of each one.

Pokémon [3DS] - If there is a new one, I'm all over it. X2/Y2 need to get here, they could do so much more with Kalos.

Batman: Arkham Knight [PS4] - Pre-ordered it, really looking forward to it since it's the last in the series.

Tekken 7 [PS4] - I'll wait for reviews on this one, because I really loved Tekken 5 but really hated Tekken 6. Given that I already have Injustice and will probably be getting Mortal Kombat X, this could easily slip off my radar and I wouldn't care.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster [PS4] - This was the first FF game that I enjoyed enough to finish, I'd rented a few other ones at the time but they never did enough to keep me interested enough to buy the game, and I haven't actually played any of the new ones since :P But yeah, loved it originally so can't wait to go through it all again fresh.

Mirror's Edge [PS4] - Never played the originals, but it seems pretty interesting.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End [PS4] - Loads of my friends have said this series is amazing, but I used to have an Xbox 360 so never got to play them. Keen to see what the fuss is about.

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No game has made me excited since GTA came out :( Even then, I can't think of any game that excited me before that. I'm playing less video games too, just don't get excited about them anymore.

Hopefully that'll change if/when Bethesda announce a new Fallout. Or even Elder Scrolls possibly.

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Persona 5

Ever since my Persona 4 data was corrupted I've been looking forward to the next game. We've been slowly getting more and more info/pictures/video. This is the new standard for JRPG's for me.

Disgaea 5

I really enjoy the Disgaea series, and it's been a few years since I've finished #4, so I think this one will be another over-the-top blast. Plus, I love tactical RPGs, which leads me to the next game...

The Next Fire Emblem Game

If it's anything like Awakening, then this game will be a contender for Game of the Year.

Metal Gear Solid 5

Not too keen on the fact that there is a new voice, but I can't not get a MGS game. I love stealth, love the character, love the bosses. Just hoping there aren't any five hour long cut scenes.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided

I really enjoyed Human Revolution, so I'm always up for more of this series! Especially if I can stealth around and be a robo-assassin.

Rainbow Six Siege

Played the beta, it was fun! But only gonna get it if my friends do, don't think it'd be that great by itself.

Whatever game Bethesda announces at E3 this year

They are doing a big conference and everything. I want it!

Final Fantasy XV

Why am I excited for this? This will likely only let me down. I already know it's not going to be like the FF games of old. But, being the weak person that I am, will buy it...likely on release.

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MGSV and Batman Arkham Knight are the only ones right now.

Same for me, really. I don't tend to look forward to new games unless I'm a big fan of those that came before them, as is the case with these two examples. I rarely buy games at release because overhype based on a couple of pre-rendered or heavily scripted trailers tends to take over the games media until such time that it all starts to die down and I can gather impressions from people I trust who have played the games extensively. I'm not trying to turn this into a "paid reviews" argument because it's such an overused line to take, but I do believe that cramming masses of articles and screenshots down the throats of both consumers and journalists leads to a lot of people buying into what they want a game to be, rather than what it actually is. I think it's just normal human behaviour, rather than a large inner conspiracy, but it's still something I prefer to steer clear of.

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Witcher 3 sounds pretty epic, so I'll probably check that out. Then its Rise of the Tomb Raider and Star Wars Battlefront and whatever Bethesda is making.

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Final Fantasy X/X-II Remastered - It's my last cling to the old school Final Fantasy and while I didn't like it as much as VII, VIII and IX, it's the only one coming out for the PS4 so it'll probably be the last FInal Fantasy I buy unless they find a way to bring those other three to PS4.

Metal Gear Solid V - I've always loved the series though I didn't play IV as much as I would have liked. I'm a little bummed out that David Hayter isn't doing the voice but it still should be a fun game. I never did get through Ground Zeroes yet but I just bought it again for PS4 so I'll go through it before V comes out.

Batman: Arkham Knight - I loved Arkham Asylum but never got a chance to play Arkham City but I'm still stoked for this game. Everything I've seen from the previous look very awesome and it's Batman and you can't go wrong with Batman.

NHL 16 - Although it's a yearly release, I'm always excited for the new NHL game. I'm hoping for much improvement from the previous one that seems rushed to put on the PS4.

Uncharted IV - Another game that was awesome on the previous systems so I expect even better for this game. Nathan Drake is an awesome main character and he's usually very well written. I enjoyed the second one though I didn't play the third one.

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  • Witcher 3
  • Metal Gear Solid V
  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  • Persona 5
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
  • Star Wars: Battlefront
  • Lego Avengers
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X
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