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A Joke's Never Funny The Second Time Around


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In my mind, comedy films struggle with sequels. Whilst there are (major) exceptions, the bulk of great comedy films either stand alone, or have a sequel that is inferior.

My question is - what films buck this trend? What comedy sequel is funnier and more entertaining than the first? I have some in mind but I'm just curious to see what other people feel first. Am I totally wrong? Do the bulk of good comedy films actually have good sequels?

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I found Meet the Fockers to be funnier than Meet the Parents, which was pretty good in itself, but the addition of Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand just made it that much better.

Can't say the same for Little Fockers unfortunately.

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I'd say the Naked Gun films were all funny. I'm struggling to think of any in recent years, I loved Zoolander and Anchorman but the sequels were nooooot good.

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18 hours ago, TheWho87 said:

I prefer Hot Shots! Part Deux over Hot Shots! myself, along with that I also like the sequel Return of the Killer Tomatoes over the original.

I came in to say Hot Shorts! Part Deux, far better film, and hasn't aged quite so badly.

I'd say Wayne's World 2 is probably on a par with the original, too.

Does Toy Story count as a comedy? Probably not, but I'd say 2 is a better film, or at least as good as the first.

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Yeah - Naked Gun, Austin Powers, and Gremlins are the ones that came to mind. 22 Jump Street was also good.

I'm not sure if it counts as a sequel despite stylistically and tonally being the same, but the Lego Batman Film recently was very funny.

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If Back to the Future counts then I did like the 2nd one better. That wasn't so much for comedy though. I love most movies that take place at least partially in the future plus the whole dystopian element with Biff's Pleasure Paradise was amazing too and another kind of movie theme I love

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