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Which aunt viv was better?


Which aunt viv was better?  

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  1. 1. time to settle this once and for all.

    • Janet Hubert (left)
    • Daphne Reid (right)

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She seemed to have more of a presence and character onscreen.  The second felt like background dressing.


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2 minutes ago, Gazz said:

Viv 1 insulted Will Smith.

You do no insult Will Smith. Unless it's mocking his son, that kid is a nonsense.

Dude's into Scientology but knows it's a bunch of bullshit that could cause a minor hit on his career so won't even publicly come out and admit it. Insult him all you like.

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42 minutes ago, Ollie said:

@Jasonmufc joins the shit list with @Gazz and @Bigal and none of them have bothered to even attempt to defend their shitty opinions.

Absolute wronguns. Their silence speaks volumes. #justiceforviv #jesuisjanethubert

I've already answered you tweed-wearing southern jessie.

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2 hours ago, Gazz said:

But also, Wild Wild West.

I thought you were giving reasons not to insult Will Smith.

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1 minute ago, Benji said:

Surely Daphne Reid should be Jesus since she was the second coming and all?

How so? I know she's pretty bitter about the whole thing, but I would be too.

Well, everyone else seems to be in agreement that she was the problem. The only person who disputes that is her.

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