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What recent movies are in your top movies of all time?


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We did a 2015 tally of our favorite films: 


What movies in the last 3 years would break in your top 10-20 movies of all time? I am not talking about movies you may have stumbled upon that were released in 1990 or 2009 and you stumbled upon. More so, what movies that have been released in the last several years that you deem instant classics. 

The 3 movies I would probably add would be Tangerine, Moonlight and Coco. Since Wall-E has been released, I have had it in my top 10. But I recently rewatched Wall-E and Coco back to back and Coco is by the better of the two films. Wall-E is still excellent, but Coco (like my #1 movie Wizard of Oz) has the perfect blend of comedy, music, drama and action. 

I watched Moonlight a few weeks ago and it was the best shot movie I have ever seen. The 1st and 2nd act were the best portrayals of being young and queer I had ever seen. 

And for those who have not seen Tangerine, I strongly encourage everyone to watch it. It was filmed on iPhones and there is not a single recognizable piece of music or actor in the film. It falls two trans sex workers on Christmas eve and is a revenge story (of sorts). Probably my favorite movie of 2015 and was filmed with a budget of $100,000. 

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16 minutes ago, HarshMillennium said:

My Little Pony, Moana and Trolls. I, uh, haven't seen any adult movies in ages.

EDIT: And by that I mean "not kids" movies. I know what you EWBers are like with your dirty minds.

Bro, don't sleep on Coco.

Also, Moana sucked. 

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15 hours ago, RPS said:

Bro, don't sleep on Coco.

Also, Moana sucked. 

Coco was absolutely outstanding, I think it might be my favourite Pixar and that's saying something. Moana was great though, my kids are obsessed by it and I'm still not quite sick of it. 

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I think American Honey would probably make the cut now for me. It's such a beautiful, hypnotic movie made by one of the directors who really changed how I think about films. My top 10 / 20 changes so often, but I think that'd sneak in. 

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I've barely seen any new films in the past two or three years, so none immediately come to mind. In terms of recent films in general, I'd have to rewatch all of them to see if they'd hold up, but I'd say Mad Max: Fury Road, Birdman, and Foxcatcher all probably just miss out of the timeframe, but are the movies that stand out to me as having been truly great.

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I don't really have top 10-20's of all time, and I couldn't name such a list because I don't have enough knowledge of older films, nor can I really make arbitrary lists about which amazing film was slightly more amazing than the other one. So i'll just list the best films i've seen in the past three years.

I echo the sentiment on Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), that film was brilliantly filmed and showed that you could weave an interesting action-packed story and an intriguing post-apocalyptic world with minimal dialogue.

The Martian (2015) It's inherently hard to make a film that for most of its plot revolves around one person and his love for shit and potatoes. But Matt Damon once more shows that he's the perfect man that needs saving. He brings charm, wit, and an oddly relateable character to a literally 'out of this world' story. The music direction is also a brilliant touch that adds much needed brevity to a gloomy situation, and ultimately it's just a great feel-good film.

Sicario (2015) Again, a simple premise hides a brilliant psychological thriller with phenomenal action. An ambitious idealistic FBI agent and her partner are put on an anti-drugs Joint Task Force looking to stop the Mexican cartels from flooding the USA with drugs. Grouped up with two ruthless, shady, but ultimately 'good' agents who have a whole different brand of enforcement. It really expertly explores the idea of enforcement, but what sets it apart are the performances of Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin who really provide all the depth and intrigue.

Deadpool (2016) completely deconstructs the superhero genre and revels in its semi-faux-edginess. It's dumb, it's brash, it's a shitload of fun and is something that can be enjoyed by die-hard comicbook fans or casual people just wanting a crazy summer flick. Just a hilarious film all-round, and Ryan Reynolds absolutely steals the show from the word go and never lets up.

Captain America: Civil War (2016) Where Deadpool completely takes the piss out of its own genre, Captain America is arguably the best straight-laced Superhero flick to have ever been made. Just the ultimate popcorn flick from start to finish, maybe a bit on the long end, but it juggles an insane amount of characters and it does so with grace and poise. And once more pushes its overarching universe into further uncharted territories, that we'll soon get the big payoff of.

Kubo (2016) The best 'childrens' movie I have ever seen, period. The stop motion animation is awe-inspiring and gorgeous, the story ranges from silly children's fun to gut-wrenching heartfelt moments that tug every heartstring you might have. 

Baby Driver (2017) is also a great film, sadly made kinda unwatcheable by the revelations of Kevin Spacey's depravity. I fortunately saw the film before that news broke, and I found it a beautiful film with a unique style to itself that transcended it's admittedly really simple premise. A kid that can drive really fast, but who barely speaks and speaks to the viewing audience through the music on his ipod's.

Emoji Movie (2017) What can I say, This film truly redefined the comedy genre and brought something to the table that has never been done before. It changed the game, it made it clear that you can take a dumb social 'hype' and turn it into a billion dollar franchise and not for a second lose the charm that are inherently with the characters. And the story itself surprises from the start, where you expect something simple and dumb, you get a deep story that makes you think about its topics for long after the film has stopped running. (/s)

Blade Runner 2049 (2017) Okay, maybe the story of this film threw away a lot of canon that was written in the first film and the novels. But it explores an interesting world and pushes the boundaries on the age-old question of humanity, what is defined as humanity? It might not be the greatest story of all these films, but it sure as hell is the most beautiful one by far. It's gorgeous, just utterly gorgeous, a bright neon yet grimy world that has been lived in and feels both familiar and utterly alien.

Films that are from 2014, and get honourable mentions instead:
John Wick 1
Guardians of the Galaxy 1

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Cracking into my top ten? That's hard, based on that list in Benji's thread, my list is full of Toy Story, the Before... Trilogy, which is already half the list, and number ten is A Separation, which boy, sure looks hard to top.

2015 three best films were: Inside Out, Room & Avengers: Age of Ultron. Mad Max: Fury Road and Tangerine were four and five for me. None of those feel better than A Separation for me.

2016 three best films were: La La LandMoonlight, & MoanaSilence and Captain America: Civil War were four and five for me. Like the year previous, none of those feel like they have moved me the way A Separation did.

2017 three best films were: Lady BirdPaddington 2 and Dunkirk. Hmm, Lady Bird might crack it? I don't know. War for the Planet of the Apes and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 rounded out my top five for the year.

So, maybe Lady Bird makes it in my top ten? Then again, I don't even know if I'd consider certain films like Jurassic Park and 12 Angry Men so highly anymore, I've just haven't seen them in so long to make a comparison. I think Lady Bird and possibly Inside Out could crack my top 15, though.

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