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  1. I hate horror films so I'm a bit concerned where they're going with Dr Strange 2 as they introduced it as a horror film, and I'm sure Blade will be the same.
  2. I do love my voice artist continuity, so to have the same voices for the Spider-Verse characters like Spider-Man, Miles Morales and Doc Ock between Ultimate Alliance 3 and the PS4 Spider-Man game really makes me happy.
  3. I don't know if it's due to the backlash, due to a lack of buys, or if this was the plan all along, but UFC 240 is on regular BT Sport instead of Box Office.
  4. It's really not much fun for the son of a gambling addict who had his entire savings stolen from them so that their father could gamble it all away either. The Bet365 one really gets at me because of Winstone and the sarcastic way he says "gamble responsibly" to make it clear that it's something he just has to say to make the advert legal. The amount on any sports channel is ludicrous, and I keep waiting for this "no betting ads during live sport" edict to come into place yet it seems to be getting wrose.
  5. I played 5 minutes of it last night, having never played the previous ones, and found it pretty fun. I will accept that is probably not the most in-depth review you will ever read.
  6. Melbourne has signed an extension to host the Aussie GP until 2025. I might be happier about that than the Silverstone news.
  7. It's so irritating, we just end up with one game having everything licenced except the few clubs greedy enough to exploit individual deals, and another game with just those clubs licenced and nothing else.
  8. In typical Timberwolves fashion we went undefeated throughout the entire Summer League only to lose in the final. On the plus side Naz Reid and Mitch Creek looked really good, hopefully we can find a spot on the roster for them.
  9. Chris2Kay


    This 6 runs or 5 runs debate looks to be a pretty hot issue, whether the law is locked in or up to interpretation. Here's my personal interpretation, spoilered for length:
  10. Chris2Kay


    Are they heading in to the bar to say hello to their English mothers?
  11. Chris2Kay


    CHAMPIONS!!!! Just crazy.
  12. Chris2Kay


    15 off the England super over, how ironic. Good lord this is tense.
  13. Chris2Kay


    Jesus Christ. This is ridiculous. Super Over in the final?!
  14. Chris2Kay


    Dominoes falling now, Woakes is good but not a number seven, Plunkett downwards don't offer much. Just another 29 years until we get another chance I guess, although I doubt we'll ever have a team like this again.
  15. Chris2Kay


    This is quite a magnificent example of choking so far.
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