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Worms Rumble 2020


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  • 3 months later...

I watched the video before seeing the surrounding Tweet and just as the multiple worms started piling out, something screamed 'battle royale' in my head. But, the way games are these days, that might just be a 'broken clock is right twice a day' kinda thing.

It's not totally out of place, I suppose. It does lend itself to that platformy/shooter type vibe, there's probably other examples but that old XBLA game Small Arms springs to mind to me. Mixing things up is always good, especially in a series that's been around this long and probably doesn't deviate too much from it's core gameplay. Like, I know they make tweaks from time to time but it's pretty much the same game at it's core that it's been since the Amiga days with the very occasional shift like the pinball game once in a blue moon. I can't help but roll my eyes at a battle royale game though, it's about as cliche at this point as them doing a Worms Kart Racer.

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  • Lineker changed the title to Worms Rumble 2020
22 minutes ago, Maxx said:

I believe there’s a traditional Worms game on Gamepass.  @Kaney @King Ellis is has been too long since we’ve played something.  And I’m now free during your crazy hours.

Sure I'm down for that.

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19 hours ago, King Ellis said:

Operation Girders and Ninja Ropes


18 hours ago, apsham said:

I'd be in for it as well.


18 hours ago, Maxx said:

Name the time!

Anyone free tonight?

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