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Why Does Everyone Hate Linkin Park?


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I would just like to know why Linkin Park is so hated on all of these message boards. Personally, I never slit my wrists or anything like that but the moment you say you like their music, people start assuming. That doesn't really make sense to me. My friend likes Justin Timberlake but that doesn't make him gay. So what's the deal? Someone please explain this to me. I understand that some people do fit the stereotype but there is most likely more who don't.

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I have nothing against them...

But for all the millions....(AND MILLIONS) that they are making, I'd just wish they'd shut the fuck up about wanting to run away....

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I like them, I have no problem admitting it, it's just they are quite blatantly writing about stuff they don't really feel half the time. A lot of people call them sell-outs, fuck off, if you had the chance to make that money don't you DARE say you wouldn't. The only reason I wouldn't is if they didn't allow me creative and image freedom, my band is my band and I think that's part of LP's problem, they aren't themselves.

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It's seems to be a trend lately to bash on Linkin Park. I hate them, sure... but I can admit their mixes with Jay-Z were some of the coolest stuff I heard all year. And if you remove the two singers and just played their songs as instrumentals, they'd be fucking great. It just so happens that Mike is a terrible rapper and Chester is just plain terrible.

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For me the vocals, and the lyrics are what ruin that band. I liked the cut that some of the guys did with the Executioners, and Trent Reznor's cut of Points of Authority but other than that I can't stand much of their stuff. The music itself isn't that bad, but bands like Linkin Park are hated for the same reason people hated Creed, and people hate Evanesence... Their lyrics are horribley contrived to prey on the vulnerablities of stupid teenagers rather than actually lend something to relate to. Their music just doesn't have that visceral connection. It seems forced.

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Because a lot of people on this board either dont like Rock/tryingtoberappers or Limp Bizkit Ripoffs in some peoples minds. Or they just dont like the songs. Hell i hate metal and most rock music but i like most Rock Themes produced in the 90s and many of the WWE's wrestling themes (Step Up - Drowning Pool Anybody?)

I brought one of Linkin Parks CDs a while back - Hybird Therory. And in that CD lays 3 decent songs out of 12 - Papercut, In The End and Pushing me away. The rest are drowning Lyrics and they are one of the most annoying depression singers.

Also i hate boys who have Black Fingernails.

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