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Xero Gravity

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Everyone's bought at least one game in their time, and realised afterwards that it's a pile of shit. For me that game would be Fifa 06.

I've played several of the series, mostly Fifa 2002 and I have to say this one is just total wank. I remember the times all I have to remember were four buttons (five if you count the dirty tackle) and could get straight into the game. This one seems to have so many added moves, and forcing you to use the entire controller. I've played seven matches so far, and have scored once because I refuse to piss about with all the added crap that takes away the enjoyment from playing the game. Plus the amount of fouls and cards the ref seems to dish out is fucking hilarious. I've yet to have a game where someone wasn't sent off.

...and the soundtrack sucks balls too.

So yeah, anyone else found themselves in this position?

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Max Payne 2, played it for about an hour than realised "wow... how the mighty have fallen."


The Getaway was also a whole load of rubbish.

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Empire Earth. It's like Age of Empires that tried to do too much and failed at it all.

Global Power. Eh, it cost me like £4, but it's only worthwhile for being able to launch one nuke at somebody and watch the worldwide chain reaction of chaos spread.

Master of Orion III. Its predecessor shall forever remain supreme.

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Liverpool Club Football by Codemasters - absolutely dreadful stuff.

FIFA games are generally hated by me, but I haven't bought one since the Road to World Cup 98.

My brother got a FIFA game with his X-Box, but I rescued him by giving him the gift of Pro Evo, because I'm a great brother.

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Guest Koupa Troopa

Koudelka, I was told that this was one of the only non-FF RPGs to get for the PSX, it was alright, but kinda wore thin after....like 10 minutes.

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