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The Batman Begins sequel casting gets worse


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Current word is, Phillip Seymour Hoffman may play the Penguin.

Now, that I could see, kinda.

But the bad news is, who is rumored to be in line for the role of Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face.


Ryan Phillippe :puke:


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It's ridiculously surprising as for Batman Begins the casting was so tight, especially with the British cast (Katie Holmes was the most meh of the cast). With all these rumours it's hard to believe it's the same team - unless they're just trying to bring in as many non-British actors as possible to increase global appeal (increase global appeal of Batman?!?!)

Bale, Caine, Neeson, Oldman, Murphy and Wilkinson were all inspired casting.

At least most of the cast will remain with the villains being the ones to be replaced...

Have they not learned from earlier Batman films that having too many villains is a bad idea, especially as in Begins there was such a clever increase in power from the hood, to mafia boss, to intelligent psycho to godlike legend.

There's a lot of call for Clive Owen as Dent which would be much better casting...

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Yeah I was quite happy with Ryan Phillipe as choice for Dent. Dent is supposed to be the young, somewhat arrogant pretty boy of the gotham police department.

Tommy Lee Jones, now there's a terrible choice to play Two-Face. Billy Dee Williams, now there's a terrible choice to play Harvey Dent.

I'd have still perfered Josh Lucas and I would love Clive Owen but Phillipe works for me and they certainly could have done worse.

And in terms of having too many villians, there's Joker, who'll be introduced but not the main focus, there's Two-Face who won't be a villian till the next film. So adding Penguin, who's supposed to be a small role anyways doesn't really crowd the movie as he'll probably be the focus of the first part of the movie, with Joker being the focus of the second.

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I don't see why anyone's complaining about any of these. Hoffman is the perfect choice to play the Penguin, I couldn't think of a better person for the part. Ledger will surprise as the Joker and Phillippe's not a bad actor at all. I'd take him over most of the younger actors that came onto the scene in the late 90s. It's not like it's Freddy Prinze Jr. as Harvey Dent.

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Plus from what I can tell, Phillipe is still just a rumor. There's no confirmation and its really only being reported in tabloids so that's basically worthless.

Until its on Batman on Film, I don't believe it.

John Cusack's name has also come up for the role

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Joker doesn't require Harley Quinn at all.

That character is barely a decade old, has nothing to do with Joker's origin and comes about after numerous visits to Arkham.

Plus Joker works better alone

And so far apparently Cillian Murphy has not been called about reprising his role as Scarecrow

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