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Your favourite TV opening credits

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Go back as far as you want. What shows from now or yesteryear had openings that always excited you that the show was about to start?

I'll start with a few....

Adam & Joe

The intro was as low-budget and colourful as all their content was.


'Allo 'Allo

The music was brilliant and it would be great when Rene would start the show with a piece to camera, breaking the fourth wall in a far more fun way than a standard "Last time, on....." montage.

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I love the way that Crichton's intro speaking changes as the seasons pass to show how his feelings towards those around him has changed, about enemies he's made, about Earth, about how his crewmates are now his friends....Nice touches.

This clip has a few of the season intros.


Obviously. It's a classic.

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I swear you've started this topic before. But I'll bite and post a few times. First two are my two favorite sets of opening credits from shows currently on TV. In both cases, I actually don't skip the credits to get on with the rest of the episode if I'm watching it on DVR and I don't do that with other shows unless their credits are really short.

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Didn't we just have this recently? I recall someone posted Sharky & George which is a good shout but it only made me realise how creepy I find that now.

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Most of my 'favourites' were short ones because I tend to watch TV shows en masse, but Game of Thrones is watchable every single week. Probably my favourite ever tv credits.

I also really like the Dexter intro, and especially liked how it was slotted into the first episode.

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Embedding isn't really working for me right now, so i'll just post links to videos.

Gun to my head, I'd have to choose between the openings of Freaks and Geeks (

), Cowboy Bebop (
) and Cheers (

Cheers is in there mainly on the strength of nostalgia. Some of my most vivid memories from when I was younger involve watching Cheers on VCR with my mom (I'm just guessing that it was on VCR, not really sure). I remember I memorizing the lyrics of the song, and always trying to copy the face of the kid in the last picture of the credits.

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