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Top 10 PC Games of All Time!

DJ Ice

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So after my reinvigorated passion in PC games, I'm looking for lots of new games and whatnot to play! So a Top 10 list idea was born! Anyways, my Top 10 would have to be as follows;

1) Rome: Total War

2) Soldiers: Heroes of World War II

3) IL2 Sturmovik

4) The Football Manager series (05 and 08 being my most played)

5) Hearts of Iron II

6) Medieval: Total War

7) NHL Eastside Hockey Manager

8) Silent Hunter III

9) Brothers in Arms (Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood)

10) Battle of Britain II

So, anyone?

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I think this is going to turn into YOUR Top 10 PC games list rather than an all time list, I could list a bunch of brilliant PC games like Half Life and Counter Strike and so on but I never sunk a massive amount of my time into them like I did with those on my list.

1 - NASCAR Racing 2003 Season


2 - IL2 Sturmovik

3 - Hollywood Mogul 3

4 - EWR4

5 - Madden NFL 08

6 - Fallout New Vegas

7 - Fallout 3

8 - The Sims 3

9 - World of Tanks

10 - NHL Eastside Hockey Manager

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1. Portal- A shot of adrenaline to the puzzle genre.

2. TEW Series- No need to explain this

3. The Movies- Because there's no end to the abstract insanity you can make in it.

4. Plants vs Zombies- Weaponized organic gardens are now and forever the best defense against the zombie apocalypse.

5. Oregon Trail- Nuff Said.

6. SimCity- See above

7. Half-Life- Who ever thought aliens that looked like uncooked chickens would be so terrifying?

8. FEAR- What Halo wishes it could be.

9. Sam and Max Season 1 (Telltale Reboot)- A flashing siiiiiiiign, above the dooooooooooor it can only mean one thing: War!

10. City of Heroes- *sniff*.

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1. Championship Manager 97/98 - The best. Without a doubt.
2. The Sims - Hours upon hours upon hours I have played.
3. Theme Hospital - Still fun to play to this day
4. Toonstruck - One of the most underrated games ever.
5. Championship Manager 01/02 - The best sequel to the best.
6. Rollercoaster Tycoon - Killing people through rollercoasters, what's not to like?
7. Portal - The best new PC game.
8. Warlords Battlecry - Another great underrated game!
9. Sim City 2000 - The game that really got me in to PC games. I played it when I was like, 3 or 4 with my dad. And got scared by the giant robot.
10. Minecraft - Because I play it all the time.
There's a load I've missed out and might have to add on. Theme Park is great. Pharoah was AMAZING. Good Old Games literally has my life from 3-11. Civ 3 too. And Heretic! There's a load of great old PC games. Populous: The Beginning too. And Lemmings. I probably have a load of old floppy disks of games I loved.
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1 - Total War: Medieval, I can just keep going back to this game every few years.

2 - Casear III, similar to above but I probably don't have as much time logged on it.

3 - Age of Empires II, see 1 and 2.

4 - FM12, the only game in the FM series I've actually owned on the pc (had FM07 on the 360).

5 - The Sims, I have awesome memories of playing this game when I was younger.

6 - TEW10, probably the only PC game I've consistently played in a few years.

7 - TEW05, I played this as much as I did TEW10 before I decided to buy it.

8 - The Movies, I've only had it for a few weeks but its very fun.

9 - Total War: Medieval 2, I got it in October and played the hell out of it while I was still living in the flat I didn't like.

10 - Total War: Shogun, while I didn't find it as enjoyable as Medieval, Shogun still contained most of the features that makes TW great.

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1) Civilization II - An all time classic, very loved.

2) Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness - It expanded everything seen in Warcraft, and expanded greatly on it, taking the fledgling series away from medieval generic fantasy and creating it's own universe.

3) The Sims - Whatever iteration play, it's fantastic.

4) Doom - Like Warcraft II, Doom was just phenomenal, whether you played online or just solo, it was great fun.

5) Starcraft - Built off the engine of Warcraft II, Blizzard went the route of having factions that actually played completely different from each other.

6) Ascendancy - It could be called Civilization in Space. 21 unique races, with different methods for winning the game.

7) Pirates! - Another old franchise, regardless of which one you play, you're bound to have a good time.

8) Diablo - Yes, another Blizzard entry. A game where the level of shit you're in just builds and builds, finished with a literal journey into hell.

9) The Gold Box Games - Long story short, starting in the late 80s and up to about '93, a series of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons games were released, 9 in all (Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds, Secret of the Silver Blades, Pools of Darkness, Champions of Krynn, Death Knights of Krynn, The Dark Queen of Krynn, Gateway to the Savage Frontier and Treasures of the Savage Frontier). They were tough, enjoyable, and proof that good graphics does not mean a good game.

10) TIE Fighter - Sure, we could get into our X-Wings with our trusty R2 unit. Sure, we could try to blow up the Death Star. But...we could also be the bad guys :D . Work your way up from an expendable TIE Pilot all the way up to being Vader's wing man, savior of the Emperor, and best buddies with Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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Most likely ordered by what I recall playing the most

01. MineCraft

02. The Sims 3

03. EWR

04. Football Manager 2008

And in no particular order;

05. Sniper Elite v2

06. Counter Strike

07. Portal 2

08. Killing Floor

09. Grand Theft Auto II

10. The Sims 2?

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1. MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries

2. EWR 4

3. TEW 05

4. Football Mogul 2011

5. The Sims 2

6. Roller Coaster Tycoon

7. Portal

8. DC Universe Online

9. And others when I can think of them.

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