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Your favorite bassist

Guest George

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Les Claypool & Cliff Burton are the two names that come to mind the instant I hear the word "Bass", but I'm also kinda fond of the simplicity of Jerry Only's playing (from The Misfits).

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Les Claypool goes without saying but some other greats are:

Mike Watt - Fantastic bass player of the Minutemen and fIREHOSE (name is spelled like that, so no my caps lock didn't get stuck)

Rob Wright - Fans of Les Claypool and Mike Patton's projects would like Wright's groups Nomeansno and the Hanson Brothers (and no not the teenie bopper Hanson)

Steve Soto - One of the better bass players from the Orange County punk scene in the early 1980s. Better known for his work with the Adolescents and Agent Orange.

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Midget is my favorite Bassist ever!  :wub:

You are a goddess amongst women :)

For those wondering what she's referring to, I made the comment over MSN that I had just learned and played the Seinfeld theme on my bass.

My favorite lists is the standard fare: Les, Cliff, Bootsy, Flea, etc. Mike from Green Day is vastly under-rated, despite his numerous mentionings here.

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