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EWB's Favorite Movie of 2012: The Results

GoGo Yubari

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Sorry about the delay, y'all.



30. The Raid: Redemption (13 pts, appeared on two ballots)


29. Killing Them Softly (14 pts, appeared on two ballots)


26. Lawless (14 pts, appeared on three ballots)


26. Men in Black 3 (14 pts, appeared on three ballots)


26. Seven Psychopaths (14 pts, appeared on three ballots)


Next Time, on EWB's Top 30 Movies of 2012: I have a good coach. That and I was pretending the targets were the cast of Glee.

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I didn't vote because I hadn't watched a bunch of movies that I wanted to see, so thought I could never properly justify my list. I'm still happy as hell that MIB3 got in, though. That movie was a bunch of fun.

Also, holy crap, that Lawless picture looks filled with talent. The movie good enough to search out?

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I have heard nothing but good things about The Raid. I want to watch it.

Killing Them Softly wasn't the worst movie I saw in 2012. Red Tails was much more inept at almost everything it set out to do, and Prometheus was jaw-droppingly stupid. But I probably enjoyed myself the least at Killing Them Softly. Suffered a bit from a really misleading trailer.

Seven Psychopaths is good! It wasn't good enough to crack my top ten of last year but it would have made it most other years. Very funny dialogue, great ensemble cast. It drags in the third act a bit, though, and sometimes gets a little too clever by half.

Men in Black 3 I should have seen with my dad and sister in theatres, but they picked a day where I had a take-home exam that I needed to e-mail by midnight and couldn't afford to spend two hours not working on it. God only knows if I'll ever see it now.

Never seen Lawless. Maybe I will someday. I dunno. It's supposed to be decent.

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Four movies I voted for and the one I thought was the worst of the year!

I had The Raid: Redemption as my number one so that says a lot in itself but other ways to describe: holy shit, what the fuck and/or no fucking way.

I enjoyed Killing Them Softly, though ultimately slightly disappointed by it because it pales in comparison to the director's previous work. I do agree that the ad campaign for it was totally misleading because it is pretty talky and not very subtle about it's message. It was pretty good at that though so I ended up liking it.

I really enjoyed Lawless. The plot isn't revolutionary or anything but it's a solid period crime drama with some good performances.

Men in Black 3 was terrible. I literally don't get why anybody would think it's good but a lot of people do so I'll just continue to be confused.

I loved Seven Psychopaths. Sam Rockwell knocks it out of the park as he always does, Walken is at his funnest and Colin Farrell isn't his worst.

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The Raid was fantastic and it's a shame it didn't find its way onto my top 10. It was just so much fun. But as far as fun goes, it was dwarfed by Cabin and The Avengers. Really good, though.

I haven't seen Lawless or Killing Them Softly. Not too fussed about Lawless other than watching for Hardy or Oldman, but I'll probably give KTS a watch at some point after getting some decent praise from people on this board.

I thought Men in Black was a bit rubbish and predictable and the only good thing were the interactions between Smith & Jones, or Smith & Brolin. But it had nothing on the first one.

Seven Psychopaths was probably the most disappointing film I saw in 2012. Don't get me wrong, I liked it enough, but I loved In Bruges; so the director paired with one of the best casts I've seen in a long time had me excited for something very, very special. And it just kind of fell flat for me, half the comedy worked and the other half didn't. And while crazy Sam Rockwell was fun, he wasn't consistently funny either when he was supposed to be. My expectations were probably just a bit too high on this one.

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Haven't seen The Raid: Redemption, I've heard good enough things that it's on my radar but not enough that I'll probably ever go out of my way to watch it.

Killing Them Softly barely interested me from the AD campaign and the negative reviews haven't helped it since. Looks like something that wanted to be a lot cooler and smarter than it actually ended up being, but again, I haven't even seen it.

Lawless was decent. It lacked something though. I don't know what, but it just felt like it was missing anything to really make it stand out. Some great performances from Hardy and Pierce and Shia LeBouf didn't suck entirely for once. Was let down by just how little Gary Oldman was actually in it. It entertained me enough, though.

I actually really enjoyed MIB3. I didn't expect to, which I think helped, but I ended up watching it one day when my interwebs went down and it was pretty fun. Josh Brolin killed with his Tommy Lee Jones impression, which is probably what ended up making this sequel worthwhile rather than just a massive waste.

I had a similar reaction to Seven Psychopaths that Split had. Great cast, great director... but, it just didn't feel like it ever really came together. I was a pleasant enough experience, but outside of Walken, I wasn't interested in any of the characters and I don't think I really found any of it particularly funny. Compare that to In Brudges, which has me howling with laughter most of the way through... and it was kind of a let down.

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I want to see The Raid and Seven Psychopaths. MIB III was way better than II and maybe close to as good as I. I was a little let down by Lawless based on the talent involved. Killing them Softly I'm not so sure about. I hear both good and bad things so it may be a while before I give it a chance.

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I rented The Raid from Redbox and promptly misplaced it. I ended up having to pay like 28 bucks for it as the rental limit came up and now I own it. I found it two days later. I'm so pissed that I still haven't seen it out of spite.

I thought Killing Them Softly was excellent. It was a simple film with a lot to say and great performances to back it up. Not to mention a fucking excellent closing monologue. That said, I can totes see why it's not for everyone.

Lawless was pretty good. I may have it on my top 20, maybe even top 15. There was nothing extraordinary about it.

Didn't watch MIB3. Maybe one day. I'm in no rush.

Seven Psychopaths was also in my top ten, and I thought it was really great. I'm not sure what those who disliked it were expecting, really. It's no In Bruges, but it's hardly fair to compare the two. The performances were great and the story was fun.

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I will say about Killing Them Softly that if there were an award for best acting in a single scene, Ray Liotta could have won it for his work in the heist scene. So good.

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I will say about Killing Them Softly that if there were an award for best acting in a single scene, Ray Liotta could have won it for his work in the heist scene. So good.

Ray Liotta is incredible at getting the shit kicked out of him.

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Haven't seen The Raid, Killing Me Softly, or Lawless but I plan on watching all of them at some point. The Raid I'm actually going to watch this weekend.

Men In Black 3 was alright. Nothing special, but better than I thought it would be. Nothing I would ever see again though.

Literally just finished watching Seven Psychopaths and thought it was great. Not sure if it would have made my top 10, but I definitely enjoyed it.

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I should do this before going to sleep, I suppose.


25. God Bless America (15 pts, appeared on three ballots)


24. Flight (17 pts, appeared on three ballots)


22. The Imposter (17 pts, appeared on four ballots)


22. Prometheus (17 pts, appeared on four ballots)


21. Ted (19 pts, appeared on four ballots)

Next Time, on EWB's Top 30 Movies of 2012: You're going to tell one of your stories! I can't stand to hear another one of your stories!

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I loved Lawless, so it's a shame it's so low on the list. I thought it was a fantastic film, and find it ridiculous that Tom Hardy gets praised so much for Dark Knight Rises, while his far superior performance in Lawless has mostly been overlooked.

Seven Psychopaths was fun, and I actually rather liked Prometheus for what it was, plot holes and confused message and all. It was probably just Fassbender carrying the whole thing, though.

Ted was awful. Haven't seen anything else.

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God Bless America was a shit load of fun. I didn't realise that film came out this year; seriously, a lot of fun.

Didn't see Flight.

The Imposter is incredible. If Searching for Sugarman didn't come out this year, it'd be by far and away the best doc that came out this year. The story's just so shocking, and hard to believe it's actually true, but it's all portrayed so well, combining interview, recreation and archive footage. Can't recommend enough.

Prometheus was really meh and Ted was also good fun.

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I love God Bless America. It's just so biting and cynical and so in your face. Highly recommended if you can handle black comedy.

I think I had The Imposter down as my second favourite film of 2012. Actually jaw dropping. Never come across a documentary that was more thrilling than most thrillers.

I don't actively hate Promethus, but Damon Lindelof can fuck off and die in the most unambiguous way possible.

Ted was surprisingly funny, reminiscent of season 1-3 Family Guy. Could've done without the third act though.

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Only one I haven't see is God Bless America so I'll probably track that down.

No strong opinions on most of these, but those that I do:

Seven Psychopaths was awesome. I'm not sure why I liked it so much, because while everything was good in the technical sense it is hard to pinpoint its x-factor.

Ted was God awful with the exception of Flash Gordon cameo.

The Raid is up there with my favourite action films of all time.

I totally get the Prometheus hate, but I don't think it deserves it. It ended up being exactly what it promised to be, and it was enjoyable.

The Imposter is seriously, viciously awesome. Turned me back in a documentary fan. It is such a good story.

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