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What game franchises need reviving?


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I've always been a platformer hound, I really want a genuinely good new Sonic, a new Prince of Persia, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro (not fucking Skylanders, stupid thing).

I also really want more classic PC God Sim games like Populous and Theme Hospital, though they'd probably be filled with microtransactions these days :/

I also would love for the popularity of arcade style titles to bring back stuff like Road Rash, Double Dragon and Final Fight.

And also Lemmings...


... for reasons :shifty:

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New NBA/NFL street please, and none of that realistic crap either. I want to be able to launch myself off the backboard, do 22 tricks and pass it along to all my teammates before shattering the rim into 5000 pieces.

New Skate too, the first two games of that franchise were awesome and I'd love to see a new version come out. I loved THPS (the older ones), but I actually loved the more down to earth style of Skate where you had to use the analog sticks to do tricks, it was extremely satisfying to be able to hit a kickflip where the board went under a guardrail and you went over (without getting caught by the guardrail and breaking your face on the concrete...)

Midnight Club 5, more in the vein of 3 rather than 4, that'd be sweet too. Always preferred MC3 over Need for Speed Underground, because you could go onto two wheels with any car like it was nothing, and the sense of speed was insane.

A new College Hoops would also be nice, if 2K could take that franchise and make it as good as their NBA titles tend to be (minus the VC bullshit and the shitty story mode), then i'd be right on that.

New Def Jam game would be nice too, and I don't mean that abomination that Icon was, gimme a new arcade brawler like Def Jam FFNY. That game has me dusting off the PS2 yearly for a playthrough. (made by Aki back then!)

New KOTOR that isn't SWTOR, that'd be sweet too... Give Obsidian the ball, no unrealistic deadlines, and you got yourself a brilliant RPG.

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