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EWB's Favorite Movie of 2016: Voting Thread

GoGo Yubari

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Copying and pasting the rules, let's gooooo.

1. You will be fielding a list of your top ten films of the year. Voting, of course, goes like so; list the films from 1 to 10, the show you listed at 1 gets ten points, the show you listed at 2 gets nine points, and so on. That being said, if you didn't watch ten movies (or ten movies you actually liked enough to vote for) feel free to just leave the rest of your ballot blank once you run out. That is totally valid!

2. The films had to be released in their country of origin in 2016. I don't have an immediate example for anything this year, whoops.

3. You don't need to tell me you've edited your list up until I post saying that voting is closed, because that's when I'll start tallying everything. Then if you really, really want to make a change you should probably let me know.

now get voting! The winner's circle comprises of Inglourious Basterds, Inception, The Muppets, The Avengers, The Wolf of Wall Street, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Mad Max: Fury Road. Only you (well, a multitude of you) can determine the next one!

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I'm pretty sure I can count on both hands the number of films I saw in 2016. And I'm pretty sure I'd be the only person with Warcraft on my list, just to try and get to 10. <_<

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1. Hell or High Water
2. Moonlight
3. Arrival
4. La La Land
5. The Nice Guys
6. Jackie
7. Green Room
8. I Am Not Your Negro
9. Captain America: Civil War
10. Lion

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Here's my stab.

1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
2. Zootopia
3. Captain America: Civil War
4. Deadpool
5. 13th
6. Keanu
7. Lucha Mexico

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FTR everyone has like two weeks or maybe more given how slow I've been on my last two countdown lists to catch more if they're like "man I didn't see enough movies I liked" or whatever.

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  1. La La Land
  2. Moonlight
  3. Moana
  4. Silence
  5. Captain America: Civil War
  6. 13th
  7. Other People
  8. Elle
  9. Captain Fantastic
  10. 20th Century Women

Honorable Mentions: Zootopia, Everybody Wants Some, Fences, The Jungle Book, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

That honorable mentions list could have gone on for a while for me, because while 2016 really had a ton of duds, I feel like it was balanced out by having a ton of great films as well. The fact that films like The Handmaiden, Morris from America, Cafe Society, Arrival, Hell or High Water and Paterson could have made it in as well, because as I did last year, I thought we were going to go with 15 movies to list :P 

I really hope people watch Silence before they finish voting, though, because it's really, really good.

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Think I've only seen 10 2016 films, so will just be a case of ordering them


1. Captain America: Civil War

2. Deadpool

3. Dr. Strange

4. Green Room

5. David Brent: Life On The Road

6. Now You See Me 2

7. The Witch

8. The Girl On The Train

9. The Accountant

10. Bridget Jones Baby


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Apparently I've only seen 12 movies this year, somehow Star Trek was not one of them.

  1. Captain America: Civil War
  2. The Magnificent Seven
  3. Deadpool
  4. Rogue One
  5. Zootopia
  6. Doctor Strange
  7. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  8. Finding Dory,
  9. X-Men: Apocalypse
  10. The Jungle Book

Central Intelligence and Warcraft are the ones that don't make the list.

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1. American Honey

2. Moonlight

3. Manchester by the Sea

4. Toni Erdmann

5. Certain Women

6. Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids 

7. Paterson

8. 20th Century Women

9. Silence

10. Mustang

Honourable mentions: La La Land, Julieta, After The Storm, A Quiet Passion, Disorder.

Easily the best year of cinema in recent memory for me - the top four are outstanding films that will stay with me, and the rest of the list made a real impression. So much to admire about those films, and noticeably for me, the first year in a long time that lacks a blockbuster, as I was largely disappointed by everything I saw barring Captain American and maybe Doctor Strange. There's still a bunch of stuff I haven't seen yet that I'd really like to as well, great stuff. 

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Deadpool was last year? I liked Deadpool!


1. Deadpool

2. Split - AGGGGGH it's JUST 2017. Ignore that then.

3. Suicide Squad, mostly because it has special meanings to me


I can't remember what else I saw last year. I've not been good with the cinema since having kids.

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1. Deadpool

2. Rogue One

3. Civil War

4. Doctor Strange

5. Ghostbusters

6. Fantastic Beasts

7. 10 Cloverfield Lane

8. Zootopia

9. Laser Team

10. KIngsglave: Final Fantasy XV (ugh, this was bad....but apparently I haven't seen that many movies?)

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1. Kubo and the Two Strings

2. Civil War

3. Hidden Figures

4. Arrival

5. Rogue One

6. Moana

7. Magnificent Seven (see what I did there :shifty: )

8. Deadpool

9. La La Land

10. Zootropolis


Only one I could definitively place is the first one. There was a lot of films I enjoyed last year...

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