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So @GoGo Yubari mentioned starting a Good Place thread and I was all like - "we don't have a Good Place thread and to be honest..."


So I decided that since GoGo is probably asleep, I'd be like Aristotle to his Plato and be in charge of making the thread because he totally left me in charge.

The best news is that it's been renewed for season three. So we have this thread for an extra year!

PS: GoGo didn't really put me in charge, but please don't kill me because...


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We only recently discovered it but finished an episode the other night only to be massively confused there wasn't any more when we went to watch the next night. I don't think we ever watch anything that's just been made on Netflix, my backlog is huge. 

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I feel like no spoiler tags for anything up to the season one finale, spoiler tags for anything plot-specific from that finale onwards.


Usually I'd want it to be a little more lax but the "this is the Bad Place" twist is so fucking good that I want people strolling into this thread on a whim to see that.

But if it's just line a funny line or whatever, that's a different thing.


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Yeah, this continues the run of really strong episodes to me.  I loved everything about it, especially

...when Michael practically breaks down at the end because he was so worried for them!  So adorable!

That's pretty much how I feel about this show, its fucking adorable.

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