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  1. 2017 MLB Thread

    Well that was not the way I wanted this game to go.......fuck!
  2. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    I feel like that was made by a first year video game design student. That's the kind of shit that they were teaching us when I went to school for it for a short time. It was more a way to work on collision detection rather than to make an actual game out of it.
  3. Dragon Age Inquisition

    So in my continued effort to beat the story mode of all of the games I currently own, I fired this up tonight to make it the game I focus on until I beat it. I have got to say that I hate the battle system. I love RPGS but that's always been my biggest hatred because I like the ATB style when it comes to groups. If I'm going to have the type of battle system in this game then I only want to focus on myself rather than trying to plan my strategy for the whole group. It may have something to do with the fact that I really have no idea what I'm doing with the rest of it. I just wanna stand back and sling arrows at those mother fuckers until they die.
  4. Crusader Kings II

    I played for a half hour or so and Meacon's implication that I may be dumb (I know he wasn't really implying that...I hope ) may very well be true. I don't know what half of these words mean. I'm determined to learn though just to prove that I can. Which probably won't turn out very well.
  5. Crusader Kings II

    What is the best way to learn how to play it? Reading up on it? Trial and error? From what I can see, it does have a huge learning curve but I'm definitely intrigued.
  6. Crusader Kings II

    In my defense, I was working and only thought of it when I was thinking about the fact that I was 3 minutes away from getting to go home and download the game But I'm a lot like that with a lot of games to be honest. There just isn't enough time in the day. I just want a game to finally immerse me and draw me in, which this looked like it might do. Of course I'm the guy who has WOW as I mentioned, OOTP 17, EHM all right there and only turn them on about once every 6 months. I always tell myself "This time it'll be different" and it never is.
  7. Crusader Kings II

    Wait, I just thought of something. Are you calling me dumb? I swear to god I will stop eating this glue and smack you down!
  8. Crusader Kings II

    That might be the best thing too because I tend to buy computer games and never play them even if I like it. I have WOW and like 5 expansions sitting in my closet. It just looks like it would be pretty fun.
  9. Crusader Kings II

    Ruler Designer Legacy Of Rome The Old Gods Way Of Life I can then get Monks and Mystics, The Reapers Due and Conclave for another $24.00
  10. Crusader Kings II

    So I've never played this game but I was thinking of checking it out. Would it be more beneficial to spend $28.89 on the game and the 4 expansions or $139.79 on the game and basically 63 different things which includes those things but also face pack stuff. Is it worth spending the money on all that extra shit or would the game and the expansions be enough?
  11. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    I always feel like I should play Pokemon but I've gotten it on emulators and never really went anywhere with it. It's RPG, I should love it. I just don't.q
  12. 2017 MLB Thread

    I know I said that I was going to cheer for the Dodgers in this series but I have a hard time cheering against Altuve.
  13. The 2017/2018 NHL Thread

    I have the game streaming while I'm at work. The commentary is a bit bland but it's been a decent game so far. A lot of back and forth but not a lot of the McDavid/Crosby showdown really.
  14. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    Revenge had Raven which automatically makes it awesome but I honestly can't remember a lot about it. I played World Tour way too much to be honest.
  15. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    Oh Oro, sometimes I swear you argue just to argue