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  1. Does anyone play FFXIV Online? I mean I definitely don't have time for it outside of WoW but I'm just wondering how it stacks up to Wow. I tried finding a streamer to watch but honestly most of them annoyed me so I couldn't watch long.
  2. I stay out of the actual Marvel threads because I'm never caught up so I don't want things spoiled. Just watched the first two episodes of The Punisher on Netflix and I'm in love. I always thought that Thomas Jane was the ultimate Punisher but John Berenthal is just amazing in this role.
  3. I really don't want a Boston/LA finals. I mean I don't watch as much baseball as some other people here but what I want to see someone new so I'm all in on Milwaukee for at least another night.
  4. Justin Schultz broken leg looked sick as hell. As if our defense wasn't already shoddy as hell already.
  5. So Houston vs Milwaukee for the finals? Yes please.
  6. Oh Manny, I love you but why ya gotta break my heart like that.
  7. ...and much like I often do....spoke too soon
  8. Buehler just shit the bed and The Braves may have woken up
  9. See GM, this is why people don't like you Yankee fans. Let the little team that could have a chance.
  10. You know...for those who want to play an RPG....you could just come play WoW with me....and sometimes Cloudy. 😛
  11. Your realm is at the top of your character select screen.
  12. Ewww. You wish to serve the Boy King. Ptooie! Sorry, had to play my role there. I have an Alliance Warrior on one server I think but I haven't played him really. I created him to see the other side of the war and the story but I just haven't had time as I want to focus on progression and I don't have the time for multiple characters until I have one that I feel comfortable with in Dungeons and Raids which will hopefully be my new Undead Warlock. I'm mainly a ranged player so any of my Melee toons tend to take a back seat unless I want to try something different. What Realm are you on?
  13. You know what the worst thing about this game is.....not being good at it My ilvl 341 Hunter should not be doing 5-6K DPS. Like seriously. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

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