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  1. This is Sco. Also the video for the World First G'Huun kill from this expansions first Raid. This is his youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/methodsco/featured He's probably my favourite right now this race is what made him that way.
  2. Depends on what you're looking for. And I'd watch it on Twitch if you can over Youtube. PVE: Sco is good. Asmongold is good but he's a douchebag. CDEWX (he does PVE & PVP), I also watch Rich Campbell as well though he doesn't seem to have a great rep with other streamers for some reason. He does a podcast with Hotted and Asmongold as well. PVP: Bajheera and Towelie. Towelie. Towelie does more PVE than Bahjeera I think but they both do a lot of PVP. Why can't you play though? I wish more EWBers played but region locks would keep a lot of us from playing together anyway I guess.
  3. 8 Days! It took 8 days but Method finally got World First for this raid tier! Hell yeah!
  4. So I got discord because of this Race.....bad idea....Discord users that play WOW are almost as insufferable as the people in the general chats.
  5. Cymbols, I hate to agree with Kaney....buuuuuttttt
  6. Two guilds on the final boss of this race on Mythic. Limit and Method! This has been a hell of a fun watcvh.
  7. I don't know if anyone is watching but TSN and apparently the NHL Network are streaming The Humbolt Bronco's opening game tonight. It's about 2 minutes till puck drop.
  8. Didn't know you were in the hospital. Hope you're feeling better I forgot to accept the quest before doing the Warfront and missed out on a 370 piece. So I'm going to try to do it again tonight and hopefully get it this time.
  9. @High Overlord Cloudfang What do you think of Warfronts?
  10. Watched Mile 22 last night. I knew going in that it was going to be a bit of a brainless action flick which I don't mind but this was just horrible even in that regard. It was so predictable and they tried to make deaths feel important except that they never really made you care about these characters to begin with so they just felt flat.
  11. I hate smug WoW players. Did a heroic yesterday with a random group and the healer admitted he let two of us die on purpose just because we weren't doing as much damage as what the other two people were. To me, that's a shitty attitude to have especially when your job is to keep everyone alive if you can. You don't let people die on purpose. I fucking hate people like that.
  12. More than just the PVP? I saw they pulled that back. I also saw people were getting Mythic+ gear who hadn't done Mythic+
  13. @High Overlord Cloudfang I assume you know this. I can't seem to find a straight answer on Google. Is LFR Heroic and regular Heroic the same thing? I know there is a difference between LFR Normal and Heroic Normal.
  14. Got the chance to watch Deadpool 2 this weekend. I'm so glad they finally found a way to make this movie and make it correctly. I mean it's never going to be perfect by any means but Ryan Reynolds portrayal of The Merc with the Mouth is just amazing. It's one of two movies (the other being Gambit) that I've been waiting to have made correctly for years.
  15. I'm sure anyone who pays attention to this thread (like 3 of us and maybe Mick) already knows but just in case, Uldir and World Bosses drop tomorrow after the weekly reset.

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