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  1. Please take this to your own thread, this is for FIFA gameplay talk. :/
  2. fifa 17

    What time tonight for the Jimmy debut hat trick?
  3. I've had a PS4 since like March 2015. It's primary use is to attract dust.
  4. Charming
  5. Seems like some UK places are seeing (normal) PS4 + FIFA 17 for £150 at the moment. Shame @Baddar spent £200 on the one he's getting someone as a gift... Still, considering FIFA is like 35/40£, you're getting a PS4 for like £110. Crazy. Maybe it's a time/stock limited thing?
  6. Yeah, going for Jericho myself as well. I have a lot of right arrow cards, like MitB Seth, so it will pair well. Plus that's great card art. Got about 700 points saved at the moment after getting my 2nd Brock, hopefully it stays around 9k or so and doesn't jump up. Also, Cesaro vs Sheamus for the PCC this weekend. Edit:Yep, same 9450 price but @Evafreak WM Bayley! Only 5k and you can get a diva pro!
  7. fifa 17

    The Dragons win the first title of the new season! We are now in Div 9 and Larz is already racing away with the top scorer spot with 7 goals.
  8. True dat, sometimes the whole TRD board is just MitB Rollins/Reigns and SS Owens. On a personal level, my deck has been making some sideways improvements lately with the addition of a 2nd HBK SVR Pro thanks to the login bonus, a WM Fusion rock (even as a single he's like my 8th best card...for now) and a pro SVR Cena on the way. But I do have my 2nd MitB Brock to redeem and, whilst trying not to gloat, SS Roman from the TRD! Happy with that one if only because I've wanted a Roman card that has the Superman punch 'reloading' art.
  9. Typical PC culture, you can't make fun of people with speech impediments without someone getting offended on their behalf. Bloody disgrace.
  10. fifa 17

    Are we waiting until the end of the week for the Jimmy before we play?!
  11. fifa 17

  12. fifa 17

    You are the legendary first goal scorer in Dragons history after all... Dan even started the cub, maybe he'll actually play with us this year.
  13. fifa 17

    Who has the access?! The Dragons must roar again tonight or today!
  14. Wild Arms Front Mission 3
  15. I got Mustafi from Arsenal and another CB from Liverpool (Estonian guy, I think?) so I have that covered in a Prem team at least. Ordered a copy for the One via Flubit for like 32 quid. Hopefully it arrives promptly.