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  1. Track and field, swimming, diving...the stuff that matters.
  2. The more top end cards in RTG this weekend: Legendary: Brock Lesnar Survivor: Kane WrestleMania: Big Show WrestleMania: Bray Wyatt Kane pro! Don't know if I can get WM cards just yet but I think I might just be into S++ and Kane would only help that. Edit:Nope, only 3/4 into S+. Might take replacing the 4 remaining male L pros in my deck to put me over.
  3. lol, Cena and Rusev cost like 7300 each and Becky 9900. Plus it's only 29 days now. I think they realised they made it too easy last time. They're just encouraging people to exploit it.
  4. Mark Henry....apparently.
  5. Don't forget to put cards in at level 0 and then train them after the KotR starts, where possible.
  6. The remastering culture is pretty strong this generation. Even on 360 though MUA was pretty much a PS2 game so good luck polishing that. Wonder if this is the lead in for them doing something more with it. Granted, it didn't pan out that way with Prototype (all the poor reviews for that puts good faith in this BTW) but there's always more Marvel stuff in the pipeline that they can tie in with. Actually quite surprised they haven't done that already, especially since MUA2 was Civil War based. Feels like there hasn't been too much in the way of Marvel games come out, bar the PC stuff like the MMO's or Puzzle Quest. You had those Sega published games back during phase one for Iron Man, Thor and Cpt America but other than that...Deadpool and Lego pretty much. I guess it's nice they're doing these but not so sure on $60 for em. Just annoying that this will mean they wont come on on backwards compatibility on Xbox One, I got them both digitally when they were on sale for a while since they're pretty hard to pick up on disc. You know what they should remaster though? X-Men Legends 1 & 2.
  7. Team RD tonight, y'all playing or is the Pokemon Go distraction still strong? Anyway, got KO over the weekend which made a pro (S pro #6) and also won another KotR. Prizes were a 3rd Ryback (boo) but also a 2nd Xavier Woods! Another good addition to the deck, should be pushed through to WM in RD now and maybe S++ in RTG? Divas remain the sticking point though, all Legendary outside of my fusion Charlotte. Probably gonna focus on Becky for the MitB.
  8. Pretty sure they carry over. Which is nice and all but troublesome because people who exploit it already have a ton saved up so will be able to buy two cards once it ticks over into the new rewards.
  9. Just tried it on my team and only got about half through S++. Do you have a mitb card to replace one of the L pros? That'd do it.
  10. I on the other hand did just get a 2nd Sheamus from a KotR runner up finish so that's a pro for me. Plus KO from this week's RD will make another! Shame we're probably coming to the end of the season because my team is coming on leaps and bounds. About 1000 off my next Rollins as well. I made that 2nd HBK and I've been intending to make the freebie Brock a pro as well just to use his S1 Fusion picture but I'm gonna have no need for them soon. That's why I was crossing my fingers for Brock to be my WM freebie but alas, no. Also, Bluestacks has been super shitty for me recently. Really annoying.
  11. I would point you in the direction of two posts I have made previously on this (Numero uno and numero dos), and the posts surrounding too where other people chip in. Might be worth @Big Forky Cool having a looksie as well as I had intended to do the same when he was asking last week, and with RPG's there's a bunch more I don't even list there like the Etrian Oddysey series, Inavuma Eleven series, Orcs and Elves etc. Those lean pretty heavily towards regular DS games mind you. I don't seem to list the Mario 64 DS port in either of those but that is one worth looking at too once you factor in the 3DS circle pad. I'm sure there was another post I made within the last few months as well where I pimp the Nintendo Select line because you can pick up a bunch of great stuff on 3DS for as little as £10-12 if you look around; Ocarina of Time, Mario and Luigi Dream Team Bros, A Link Between Worlds etc etc. It's a big help since Nintendo stuff holds it's value so before, you'd be paying like £30-35 for that copy of OoT a few months back. I'll always pimp Game Collection as well as they'll often put stuff on sale for sub £20. Like, Bravely Second was £20 recently and the new Fire Emblems were maybe £22? I'm still waiting for the first Bravely Default to come down though... As an aside, I am worried that I'm going a little OTT on the DS collecting recently. I just got American copies of Yoshi's Island, Super Princess Peach and Mario Party. Plus I have 999 on order. I need to lock my eBay account.
  12. Apparently Middlesborough aren't content with Valdes and Dimitrios Istanbul not Konstantopoulos and are making a move for noted best goalkeeper in the Premier League, Brad Guzan.
  13. If you guys could get us Ted DiBiase and Triple H for my catalogue, that'd be nice.
  14. Dead Rising remasters coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC! I mean, it would have been nice of them to make the older games backwards compatible on the One but maybe they might add some stuff, like co-op and better AI in the first game. That and with the advent of the suspend/resume feature of the One, maybe I'll actually be able to do the whole 7 day survival thing. @Benji THINK OF ALL THE TIME LIMITS!
  15. I think something maybe off somewhere because I have a lot of those same cards, minus the two Divas, but even subbing in two Natties my deck is like a 3rd into Survivor. That doesn't seem right at all because I remember having a full Legendary deck and needing something to tip me over, maybe the game is giving me like a base level boost now I've gone through into WM? Or was it that I had all Legendary apart from one Epic diva... Either way, I wanna say that it'll probably put you into Survivor but if not, if you have Cena coming then that'll do it. In other news, won my first Survivor KotR, which is pretty crazy, and got a 2nd Rollins and an Xavier Woods for my troubles. My first Rollins is already levelled and trained so expect to see the 2nd in the Team RTG on Monday or, if I can try him before then, maybe I'll have the Pro in for training. Also finished another Legendary HBK which is a minor sideways improvement for my deck. My MitB game has been slacking this weekend with the RTG so I need to get back on that to get the other Rollins. Late in the day EDIT: Got to 50 points on Nia doing +3's. Still probably some way off being able to grind out the WM card but it's a nice start.