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Imagine Dragons was my sons doing. Bizarrely, they didn't have a single song in my top 25. But LOW had 5. I'm pretty sure that the math may be off. I'm pretty positive LOW was #6.  

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After making a concentrated effort to widen the list of things I listened to on Spotify this year... I still managed to have Cancerslug dominate my wrapped, and I ended up in the top 0.1% of their listeners for the year.

My top 5 bands have all been in my top 5 before. The only change from last year (I believe), is that Ghost dropped out despite having my most played song (Hunter's Moon), and the Misfits jumped back into the top 5 after missing out last year.

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mine's always a little thrown off by what I use Spotify for compared to other ways of listening to music; there's a couple of playlists I use for car journeys or the walk home, and two to fall asleep to if I'm struggling to sleep, and then otherwise, if I'm in the office I just put on one of my Daily Mix playlists, and if I'm working from home I tend to work my way through a list of new releases, so there's a lot of things I liked but only listened to on Spotify once, and stuff that I could take or leave but that repeatedly comes up on the Spotify-generated playlists so snuck into my top lists.

Not sharing the image, as I started writing this on the laptop and can't be bothered switching to the mobile app to post the pics:

78,284 hours

Top Songs:
1. Richard Thompson - I Feel So Good
2. Biff Rose - Fill Your Heart
3. Scott Fagan - In My Head
4. Mary Margaret O'Hara - Body's In Trouble
5. Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean Blues

- Really affected by Spotify's playlists, there - Rose, Fagan and Wilson are all over them, despite never really going out of my way to listen to them. I couldn't even tell you what that Mary Margaret O'Hara song is. I do listen to that Richard Thompson track all the time, though.

Top Artists:
1. Sparks
2. Richard Thompson
3. Orville Peck
4. Smog
5.  Dennis Wilson

Top Genres: (out of 131)
1. Singer-Songwriter
2. Alternative Rock
3. Chamber Psych
4. Indie Rock
5. Folk Rock

- I get "Chamber Psych" every year, and still have no idea what it is.

The "moods throughout the day" bit is funny. Everyone else I know seemed to have got a list of 2-4 different moods for each period, whereas I just had single, ominous words:

Morning: Tense
Afternoon: Melancholy
Evening: Suspense

Top Podcasts:
1. Behind The Bastards
2. Gentleman Villain with William Regal
3. Ringheads
4. Pro Wrestling History Nerds
5. Unclear and Present Danger

Podcasts are, again, thrown out by listening habits - I probably listen to Three Bean Salad and I Don't Like Mondays more than most of the above, particularly as Ringheads has finished so I haven't listened to it for months, but I'm a Patreon subscriber to both, so don't listen to them through the Spotify podcast bit.



Listening Personality: The Adventurer

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I don't use spotify but I went through a period of listening to Sleeping With The Television On by Billy Joel and Ridiing for The Feeling by Bill Callahan a lot recently.

I did get a top podcasts thing from Pocket Casts though:

1) TAW Player (The Anfield Wrap's paid subscriber feed - which tbh makes sense since they release podcasts all the time)

2) No Such Thing As A Fish

3) The Group Chat (an Irish weekly news podcast)

4) MusicalSplaining

5) Threedom

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Has everybody got little video messages from their most listened artist on Spotify? My most listened artist was Babymetal who did a little "thank you for listening to us" message which was nice.


Given my music is split quite a bit between full albums on my phone and Spotify is only background stuff when at home which meant I was a bit surprised that Alestorm, Gloryhammer or Sabaton didn't appear but as most of my listening there has been out and about and not logged with them they didn't make an appearance.

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23 minutes ago, lanky316 said:

Has everybody got little video messages from their most listened artist on Spotify? My most listened artist was Babymetal who did a little "thank you for listening to us" message which was nice.

Yeah, I got a message from The Beths because I listened to their last album in full on there in Spotify once or twice, and that was enough to be my most-listened Spotify artist since I almost exclusively use it for working on collaborative playlists otherwise. I'd love to track down what some of the others look line, thusfar my favorite I've seen is the one from Weird Al Yankovic.

Once I try to remember what my Apple password is I'll probably post my Apple Music Wrapped on here.

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3 hours ago, Colly said:

That time of year again, and the first year I've had a Spotify Family plan so my wrapped isn't just Encanto. Apparently my 4th most listened to genre is "Crank Wave". 🤷‍♂️

It's the label that Spotify gives to all the British post-punk bands about at the moment.

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My top 5 artists remained the same core group of Cancerslug, Alex Story (of Cancerslug), the Misfits, Blitzkid and Argyle Goolsby (of Blitzkid).

This is year three in a row, I believe, where I finished in the top 0.1% of listeners for Cancerslug.

Amazingly, my most played song of the year, Try Suicide by (you guessed it) Cancerslug, was only played a total of 26 times. That's how fucking vast their catalog is. My listening time totaled over 26,000 minutes, Slug was far and away what I listened to the most, and the top song was only played 26 times.

I have been trying to diversify more each year, and I'd be really interested to see what my top 20 artists look like. There's going to be the obvious ones like Ghost and Twin Temple, which are my go-to artists when I need to touch on the more spiritual side of myself... Wednesday 13 and other horror punk bands would be up there, Stellar Corpses, Calabrese... I dove hard into William Control and Me And That Man this year, and I'd be shocked if those artists weren't creeping their way toward my top 5.

My top 5 probably won't ever change though. So Spotify needs to expand next year and give me a top 10 at least.

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