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GTA: San Andreas

Miami Vice

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I just got a call from EB Games letting me know that I can pick up my copy of GTA: San Andreas tonight at 7:00pm est. It was scheduled to be released tomorrow afternoon. This is great, I'm excited. I was just talking to a guy in Rhoad Island and he has the same deal so for those of you that have the game pre-ordered but havn't heard from your store yet give them a call or go see them to find out.

Have fun with the game!

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EBGames and GameStop are selling it early. They're not supposed to be because of the agreement between the stores & Rockstar/TakeTwo, but they are. There's a little newspiece about it on www.gtagaming.com iirc.

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Bah, you people need to learn how to be patient. I could be tearing it up to the sounds of "Welcome To The Jungle", but me and Cloudy are blood brothers and if he can't have it now, then I won't either. I'm waiting until tomorrow. Damn, I'm good.

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Guest Bluesman

Dammit. I actually was a half hour away from a Gamestop and EB games earlier today, and then drove (2 1/2 hours) home. If I would have known this I probably would have stayed later and gotten it. Dammit.

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