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Having recently gotten my first Smartphone (Android, if it matters), I have learned that it's really an easy way to kill plenty of time while I'm working graveyard at the hotel. Soooo, if anyone can point me in the direction of some fun games to keep my mind occupied, preferably games that are free, but if it's really great I'll pay, I'd be much appreciative. Thanks in advance :)

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Off the top of my head, Android has a few good ones/addictive ones. I only really pay attention to the free, pick-up-and-play sort of game though.

Abduction/Papi Jump - pretty much the same game, copies of Doodle Jump for the iPhone. Tilt your phone to navigate a jumping character upwards from platform to platform.

Jewels - Bejewelled

Action Potato - Potatoes come in from the side of the screen and you have to make pots jump up to catch them. It is better than it sounds.

Moron Test - Fast paced game that tries to make you look like an idiot.

Alchemy - Combine elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) to make other elements. There is currently 380 elements to collect, from Energy, to Life, to Jedi.

There is also things like Bubble Blaster, Ninja Jump and others I am forgetting, but I got bored of them pretty fast.

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I play AI Factory's Chess, Sudoku, Reversi and Go.

Hey! That's My Fish!


Through The Desert

Doodle Fit

Star Trader RPG

Fruit Slice

Grand Prix Story

Pool Break (I play the Crokinole game on it)

I actually just downloaded this on Sunday! Such an addictive little game. Grand Prix Story was cool, although I don't think I enjoyed it enough to drop money on it.

As for what I have:

Angry Birds (It was free, and it's awesome)

Game Dev Story (lot of fun)

Fruit Slice (a decent time waster)

Robotek HD (Lots of luck required, but you feel liek such a winner when you beat the bastards)

ShakyTower (Free, is ok)

X Construct (Build a bridge for a train...really hard.)

iRunner (free, simple, decent)

Cut The Rope (99 cents, cute puzzle game that is really fun and not completely frustrating)

Blast Monkeys (Free, it's not too bad)

Star Traders (addictive! Get it now!)

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Loved Game Dev Story. Got addicted to it big time on my B&N Nook Color. I had a Pokemon Towder Defense game but can't remmber what it was called anymore. I plays games often, so I can't justify paying for a game I'll tire of within a week or two. I have...alternate means..of getting them :shifty:

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I had a 25$ iTunes gift card and blew it all on games/apps, so here is what I have and the best ones.

Baseball Superstars 2011 [9/10]

- This is a baseball game the company Gamevil has been making for a few years. I had it when the original came out, and bought this one for $2.99, and let me tell you, its the BEST game out there. The graphics are great, and everything runs so smoothly. So many game modes like My League mode, Season mode, Tournament mode, Match mode, Exhibition, Home Run Race, Mission mode. 10 created teams, and you can edit the rosters, unfortunately not the players stats or appearances. Plenty of unlockables, and the My League mode is definitely the best feature. I'm currently in my 8th season as Barry Bonds, and I'm the best player in the league, have been for awhile, with a bunch of bad ass items equipped. Think of it like a role playing baseball game.

GameDev Story [8/10]

This is another great game as previously mentioned. Took me awhile to get good at it, although I haven't played it in awhile. I'm in Year 15 with my company LOVE YA. $143,000+ in my accounts, so when the PS2 is released I'm gonna fucking make bank. Every game I release now goes #1 cause I have the best staff in the game. I just can't wait to develop my own console. Ironically my top selling game is called NAZI, an Action RPG/Historical game that sold 5,148,583 units, my most recent game. 33 overall points, and I swear it made sense when I developed it but I haven't touch the game in a month.

RISK [8/10]

This is pretty much just like the board game, made by a respectable company like Electronic Arts. Everything about the game is dandy, certainly nothing special, but I love war games and this is a great board game I enjoy so it was worth the pick up.

Pocket Academy [7/10]

This is made by the same people who make GameDev Story, and its like you run your own academy, but its weird for me since it uses a Japanese school system and way of thinking. Nevertheless is pretty fun, but not as enjoyable as GameDev Story.

High Noon [7/10]]

This game is fucking bad ass, and its FREE! You play in the old west with a character, and you duel other people from around the world. A small assortment of guns but plenty to spend your fake money on in the game, plus shooting people in the head is fucking fun.

SimCity DLX [6/10]

Giving it a six may be a little harsh, but it's just hard to maintain larger cities on a small little phone. I mean you got deal with power lines, water pipes, police coverage, fire coverage, traffic, and all this other shit that makes SimCity kinda gay once you get good.

Aralon [6/10]

This game cost a bit of money and I only bought it because it was a fantasy roleplaying game, and I really enjoy Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, but don't have an XBOX to play it, so I figured this might be the next best thing. I was wrong. It's tough to play, too many load screens, quests are hard to keep track, the map system sucks so you don't know where you are or anything is. I would stay away from this one, although its pretty detailed and looks nice.

Monster Dash [5/10]

This game is fun for a few hours, in total. Then you're just like alright I'm done.

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