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360 vs PS3



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  1. 1. Which do you believe is better overall?

    • Xbox 360
    • Playstation 3

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Oh wrestlingkind, you silly buns.

Aside from Amiga (which was indeed the right answer), I still believe that the PS3 is the best, partly because of the "other media" that it proves and the linking with the Playstation handheld consoles.

Also, the game cases are sexier and feel more "special". :D

However, you will get excellent arguments for each being better and therefore I'd suggest that this generation is far closer (whichever is better) than the PS2-XBox-Gamecube generation and the PS1-Dreamcast-N64 generation (both easily won by Sony in my opinion). 360 certainly sold more than PS3 to start with but PS3 certainly seems to have caught up (though I spent the last five years in Japan where it's much more skewed to Sony, although both are way behind the Nintendo products with regards to sales, especially as Nintendo HEAVILY advertises towards kids over there).

This is closer to Megadrive vs SNES reallywhich was just as hard to call.

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I would never buy the Xbox 360 for the reason that I'd have to pay to play online. Obviously, I may not have an option next round of consoles, but to me it's the deciding point. Money isn't an issue for me now, but the fact that one offers a free service while the other charges seals the deal for me. Playstation Plus, as well, is a huge selling point, but one I only came to understand after the fact. In terms of exclusives, both have standouts and duds. I'm biased however, and there probably is a good argument for either of them (and probably a strong argument for the Wii/Wii U). I personally have tried XBox and Wii and didn't love them.

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Had both, kept the PS3. Don't use online enough to warrant paying for it but still enjoy it and I need a BluRay player anyway so the PS3 offered me everything the PS3 couldn't. The only exclusives Icouldn't do without on both consoles too was the Uncharted series and that's on PS3.

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Yeah I'm a Sony guy. Not necessarily because I believe the PS3 is better (though I do) but because I've had both an original Xbox and a 360 crap out on me and have never had any issues with either the PS2 I had or my current PS3. So, Sony gets my brand loyalty because they haven't fucked up. Like I said though, I think the PS3 is better anyways but I'll never go for a Microsoft system anymore so it's pretty moot.

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The 360 community seems to be made up of nothing but 13 year olds with foul mouths. I'm pretty sure 90% of people I've played games with online on PS3 either mute their mics, don't speak English or are over 15. In that respect, I much prefer the PS3.

Overall though, the only real answer is PC. >_>

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