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FIFA 14 Thread


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I want (Pro Clubs stuff):

  • More traits.
  • More customization with pro's (stuff like on NBA 2K where you can select the style of your run, jump, free-kick stance etc.)
  • More club customization (kits, badge - either create your own or mix and match like UT)
  • Inter-club friendlies.
  • Bigger tournaments - maybe a 2 week long Champions League style thing with the top 500 clubs in the world.
  • Allow people to return to a game they've disconnected from.
  • Pre-set kick takers.
  • More stats - I want to know how many goals I've scored with chipped penalties, how many long shots Daws has converted and how many times Larz has scored with headers inside the box.
  • Club arena for practice.
  • More variety - tall players who are fast and useless in the air, small players with a good leap who aren't rapid.
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Wonder what big feature they'll come out with this time.

Be the Commentator and Be the Crowd.

"And Dan set to take the penalty here in this vital match for the Dragons...and he's put it straight down the middle and the goalie's caught it! He didn't even have to move! That's by far one of the worst penalties I've ever seen!"

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Can't believe we Dragons have got even worse. Last year we at least gave everyone a few months to talk about the game before taking it over. Now we've monopolised it from day 1 and that day 1 is a good month or two earlier than the last one!

Nerf will be fuming.

Luckily, I'll be championing the FIFA 14 on PS4 cause.

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