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  1.  Did you know, you can sign-up for Revolving Door at anytime? 

  2. Since, EWB has such a variety of people from different countries on the site. I really would like to hear some songs from your guys countries or areas. (Why areas? Well, I'm from Slovenia and it hugely influenced by Balkan Music). These are the songs from my country/area that I'm listening to currenlty:
  3. Went to watch the first episode of the new season of The Challenge on MTV, when I saw they have a new professional wrestling documentary show. Following Gabe Sapolsky, Darby Allin, MVP, etc. After watching the first episode, I do recommend checking it out.
  4. You never wrote a diary in The Dome, but you want to? Then join the special season of Revolving Door right now! (Also one of the mods please move the sign-up thread to resource room) 


    1. C-MIL


      Gotcha covered.

    2. Tkasto


      Thank you!

  5. But, did you know that Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins were dating?

    1. TheFutureKeithExperience


      They are? You would think WWE would mention something like that. 

  6. Bad cake does exist!

  7. Season 4 of Lucifer is out? Hell yeah.

    1. Forky


      I'm trying to binge watch the first season. This has been a fun show.

  8. I stopped watching Arrow weeks ago (around 5 episides ago). But, now that the season is over, is it worth checking the rest of the season or not? Is the ending worth it?
  9. But, are you sure?

  10. Soooooooo. I kinda forgot about my diary. Will anyone notice if I change the backstory to real life results.

  11. Hello EWB, I'm looking.

  12. And Legends continue to look amazing.
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