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RIP Alan Rickman


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I was trying to pin down the role that made me love him - while I think he was great as Snape, I'm not a Harry Potter fan, so it wasn't that. It wasn't Die Hard. I thought maybe Dogma...he's superb in that.

But then David Schneider Tweeted exactly what I was struggling to remember. He was incredible in Galaxy Quest. A flawed movie, but a performance that always brings a smile to my face.

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Galaxy Quest is a great film. Just so much fun and everyone played their roles to perfection with just the right amount of over-the-topness, but none more than Alan Rickman.

Every single film I've seen him in I've enjoyed, he's one of those actors that brings a certain gravitas to their performance and the film that can give it an extra something. Honestly he's even great in Love, Actually. 

Severus Snape is the role I'll always remember him for. His delivery of "always" gives me chills every single time.

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Just seen this as I put the News on. I am absolutely gutted, floored. Just a few days ago I was reading through a history of his entire career, and when watching Love, Actually over christmas (for the first time, would you believe) I couldn't stop thinking how entertaining he was even in a fairly daft, ensemble holiday film. He was a truly superb actor, you can see it time and time again in his films.

I've had enough now. Cancer has taken Lemmy, Bowie and now Rickman from us all in the space of weeks. They were all pretty much the same age too :(

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I think some combination of Die Hard, Galaxy Quest and Dogma is gonna have to go on tonight. :(. Totally floored by this.

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