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Overlap FC - EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs

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So what is it?

Overlap FC is the in game team for EWB in the Clubs mode of EA's EA Sports FC 24 video game, the new name for EA's long running FIFA series. The team plays on the current gen systems; PS5, Xbox Series S/X and PC. Through the wonders of cross play, players from all 3 eco-systems can play together. Unfortunately, PS4 and Xbox One players are unable to join in but do have their own respective cross play. No last gen club currently exists for EWB though.

Sorry, I thought this was the FIFA thread...

Click here for the ongoing FIFA/EA Sports FC thread

Wait, what's all this clubs business?

In Clubs, you create your own virtual pro player and are able to customize your look and stats before taking them online to join other players. Each person controls one player in a full game of 11 vs 11 against other human opponents. Teams start out in Division 5 but can be promoted up to Division 1. Every 6 weeks, the in game 'season' will come to an end and teams will be locked into their league before being entered into the Playoffs. You'll play against other teams from your level to earn the coveted championship trophy.

How do I join?

Provide your EA ID either in this topic, in the team Discord or through PM to one of the team managers (me or Larz currently). We will send you a friend request in game and an invite to the team.

What else do I need to know?

In game voice chat is currently planned to be held through the voice channel of the Discord server (link below) so make sure to join up so you can listen in on Ollie's ongoing efforts to troll Kaney and unlock the 'Angry Up the Scot' achievement.


(If the invite is out of date, reply to this topic or PM me for the link)

Overlap FC team:

King Ellis
'Hodor' Larz
Cpt. Kirk


First (human) goal scorer in Overlap history: Kaney
First hat-trick: Ellis
First red card: Daws
Most goals in a match: 5 - Kaney (Season 1 Div 2 Playoffs)


Season 1:
Div 5 - Promoted
Div 4 - Promoted

Div 3 - Promoted
Playoffs - Div 2 - P15 W10 L5

S1 Stats


At time of writing (09/11/23)

P81 W41 D17 L31
GF - 176
GA - 143
Skill rating - 1619
Global rank - 71090

Top Players

  1. Daws - P60 Avg. 8.0
  2. Ellis - P85 Avg. 7.8
  3. Jimmy - P31 Avg. 7.8
  4. Larz - P43 Avg. 7.8
  5. Kaney - P59 Avg. 7.4

Most Goals

  1. Ellis - P85 G53
  2. Larz - P43 G34
  3. Kaney - P59 G21
  4. Baddar - P22 G13
  5. Daws - P60 G13

Most Assists

  1. Ellis - P85 A35
  2. Daws - P60 A28
  3. Jimmy - P31 A19
  4. Kaney - P59 A18
  5. Larz - P43 A16

S1 Playoffs:


P15 W10 L5 GD21
G48 GC27
Skill Rating 1619
Global Rank 71139
Final position (at time of writing before the end of season has officially happened) - 4490
Finish is within the top 10% and considered 'Competitive'

Top Players

  1. Daws 8.5
  2. Ellis 8.4
  3. Larz 8.3
  4. Baddar 7.9
  5. Kaney 7.7

Most Goals

  1. Kaney - 13
  2. Larz - 13
  3. Ellis - 9
  4. Daws - 4
  5. Baddar - 3

Most Assists

  1. Ellis - 13
  2. Larz - 9
  3. Daws - 9
  4. Kaney - 3
  5. Baddar - 1





Last week EA made an announcement that has the potential to change our lives forever. In just over a months time, players from both sides of the console war will join others from around the world and they will engage in the largest EASFL championship in the history of mankind thanks to one compound word; cross-play. For years players of the Pro Clubs mode were locked into their own eco-system, unable to play alongside their brothers across the street who happened to own a slightly different black box. But no more! Now Playstation 5, Xbox Series and PC players will be able to join together as one! We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore, we will be united in our common interests to win the Division 1 trophy and beat all those blue-afroed bastards into the dirt. On September 29th Playstation, Xbox and PC players will declare in one voice: We will not go quietly into the night! We will not be relegated without a fight! We're going to overlap!

A quick introduction for the uninitiated; Pro Clubs is an online mode where you create your own virtual footballer and take sole control of them alongside others in either drop-in friendlies or club matches with your friends. Each 'season' you attempt to rise up the ranks before an end of season playoff event dishing out bragging rights to the victors.

Since we are a month away from launch, I figured it would be good to get an idea of who be would interested in getting a team together. Then, if we do end up playing, we can always use this thread to plan sessions, discuss tactics etc so as not to distract from the main thread. As I understand it, things are segregated thusly for the clubs cross-play:

Current Gen - Playstation 5, Xbox Series S/X and PC players can all play together
Last Gen - Playstation 4 and Xbox One players can still play together but not with the current gen systems
Switch players can't play with anyone because they're probably still playing a legacy version from 2018 or something because EA are cheap.

There's potential for some chicanery here though as, at least when I was last playing Xbox clubs a few years back I could switch between playing the last gen and current gen versions so if they still do that and we have a good chunk of people on the old systems, we could potentially just play that version?

If you want to play, please leave details below of what generation you're on on and preferred positions so we can get an idea of numbers. Plus, if anyone has any good ideas for names we can certainly discuss those as well, EWB FC is just a placeholder for now. I know we certainly have some legacy names with Vikings, Dragons, Hitmen etc. Or Shining Wizards if we want to commemorate that time Dawson got his head smashed in by the opposition goalie. If any of you creative types want to come up with logos, kits etc that would be welcomed. I just cobbled the one above in some stock generator online so it's plastered with watermarks. Though, I'm guessing anything that is made will solely be for tarting up this thread since I assume they've still not setup anything importing custom graphics, lest online play be full of dicks and GOATSE.


EWB FC Discord


Current Gen

King Ellis - CM/DM, Wing, Striker (in a pinch)
Baddar - CM, Striker
Ollie - Angerer of the Scot
Larz - CAM, Striker
Cpt. Kirk - Wherever
Kyle - Wherever
Kaney - CM
Twist - Wherever
Dang117 - Wherever


Summers - DM/CM/CAM, Wing, Striker


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Overlap FC


I could play now and again.


Central Mid. (CAM ideally but CM/CDM, whatever the formation needs) would be first choice but can play wide or upfront too.


I was once the best goalkeeper the Dragons ever did see.. but I'm not sure we're ready for that again.





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23 minutes ago, probablyoliver said:

I'm in because I am a football man now.

Oh yeah? Name all the footballers.

4 minutes ago, Summers said:


Overlap FC

I could play now and again.


Central Mid. (CAM ideally but CM/CDM, whatever the formation needs) would be first choice but can play wide or upfront too.

I was once the best goalkeeper the Dragons ever did see.. but I'm not sure we're ready for that again.

I thought that was Kaney's title, or TEOLs.

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16 minutes ago, probablyoliver said:

Tony Cascarino. Faustino Asprilla. Mary Earps. Peter Beardsley. Solly March.

What a 5-a-side team.

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Wait, we can cross play now? I didn't know that was happening! Discord Pro Clubs, lads lads lads?

38 minutes ago, probablyoliver said:

Tony Cascarino. Faustino Asprilla. Mary Earps. Peter Beardsley. Solly March.

Needs more Shaka Hislop.

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I forgot to mention that actually, we'll probably need Discord (or whatever software works best) to manage the audio chat in game if we've got people on different systems. The text portion will probably help too for people asking to play, posts in here might go unoticed if people aren't logged on.

There's always the old EWB server we can make a room in?

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41 minutes ago, probablyoliver said:

Why am I mascot @King Ellis? I am not the mascot, i am the captain.

Gotta keep up the charade during pre-season, makes the lads apply themselves more in training if they think they've got a shot at the armband.

Besides, you might have to fight Captain Kirk for it. I mean, it's already in his name...

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  • King Ellis changed the title to Overlap FC - EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs

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